Words Denoting Persons

In this article one word substitutions for one words that denote specific persons has been detailed below.

Words Denoting Persons

1Agnosticone who is not sure about God’s existence.
2Altruista lover of mankind (= philanthropist)
3Amateurone who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession.
4Ambidexterousone who can use either hand with ease.
5Anarchistone who is out to destroy all government, peace and order.
6Apostatea person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute.
7Arbitratora person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute.
8Asceticone who leads on austere life.
9Atheista person who does not believe in God. (X Theist)
10Bankruptone who is unable to pay his debts (= Insolvent)
11Bigotone who is filled with excessive enthusiasm in religious matters (= fonatic)
12Bohemianan unconventional style of living
13Cacographistone who is bad in spellings
14Cannibalone who feeds on human flesh
15Carnivorousone who feeds on flesh
16Chauvinista person who is blindly devoted to an idea
17Conncisseura critical judge of any art & craft
18Contemporariespersons living at the same time
19ConvalescentContemporaries – persons living at the same time
20Coquettea girl / woman who flirts with men
21Cosmopolitana person who regards the whole world as his country
22Cynosureone who is centre of attraction
23Cynicone who sneers at the beliefs of others
24Debonairsuave (polished & light hearted person)
25Demagoguea leader who sways his followers by his oratory
26Dilettantea dabbler (not serious) in art, science & literature
27Effeminatea man who is womanish in his habits
28Egoista lover of oneself, of one’s advancement
29Egotist– one who often talks of his achievements
30Emigranta person who leaves his country to settle in another country (X Immigrant)
31Epicureone who is for pleasure of eating & drinking
32Fastidioushard to please (very selective in his habits)
33Fatalistwho believes in fate
34Feministone who works for the welfare of women (=philogynist)
35Fugitiveone who runs away from justice (= Absconding person)
36Gourmanda lover of good food
37Gourmeta connoisseur of food
38Henpeckeda husband ruled by his wife
39Hedonistone who believes that sensual pleasure is the chief good
40Hereticone who acts against religion
41Herbivorousone that lives on herbs
42Honoraryone who holds a post without any salary
43High browa person considering himself to be superior in culture & intellect (= snob)
44Hypochondriacone who is over anxious about his health
45Iconoclastone who is breaker of Images and traditions
46Illiterateone who does not know reading & writing
47Immigranta person who comes to a country from his own country for set-tling (X Emigrant)
48Impregnablethat cannot be entered by force (X Prenable)
49Imposterone who pretends to be somebody else
50Indefatigableone who does not tire easily
51Introvertone who does not express himself freely (X Extrovert)
52Itinerantone who journeys from place to place (Nomadic)
53Invincibleone too strong to be defeated (X Vincible)
54Invulnerableone that can not be harmed / wounded (X Vulnerable)
55Libertinea person who leads an immoral life (= Lecher)
56Martyrwho dies for a noble cause
57Mercenaryone who does something for the sake of money (bad sense)
58Misanthropeone who hates mankind (X Philanthropist)
59Misogamistone who hates the institution of marriage
60Misologistone who hates the knowledge (X Bibliologist)
61Namesakea person having the same name as another
62Narcissistlover of self
63Noviceone who is inexperienced in anything (= Tyro)
64Numismatistone who collects coins
65Omnivorousone who eats everything
66Optimista person who looks at the bright side of the things (X pessimist)
67Orphanwho has lost one’s parents
68Philogynistone who works for the welfare of women (X Misogynist)
69Polyglotone who speaks many languages
70Pacifistone who hates war, loves peace
71Pessimistone who looks dark side of life (X Optimist)
72Philandererone who amuses oneself by lovemaking
73Philistineone who does not care for art & culture
74Posthumousa child born after the death of father OR – a book published after the death of the author OR – an award received after the death of the recepient – one who callects stamps
76Pedestrianone who goes on foot
77Recluseone who lives in seclusion
78Sadista person who feels pleasure by hurting others
79Samaritanone who helps the needy and the helpless
80Somnambulista person who walks in sleep
81Sommiloquistperson who talks in sleep
82Stoica person who is indifferent to pain & pleasures of life
83Swashbucklera boastful fellow
84Teetotallerone who does not take any intoxicating drugs
85Termaganta noisy quarrel some woman, a shrew
86Truantone who remains absent from duty without permission
87Toper / sotone who is a habitual drunkard
88Uxoriousextremely fond of one’s wife
89Veteranone who has a long experience of any occupation
90Versatileone who adapts oneself readily to various situation
91Virtuosoone who is brilliant performer on stage (specially music)
92Volunteerone who offer one’s services
93Verbosea style face of difficult words (maestro)

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