Words Denoting General Objects

One Word Denoting General Objects

One Word Denoting General Objects
1Abdicationvoluntary giving up of throne in favour of some one
2Almanacan annual calender with position of stars
3Amphibiananimal that live both on land and sea
4Allegorya story that expresses ideas through symbols
5Anomalydeparture from common rule
6Aquaticanimals that live in water
7Autobiographythe life history of a person written by himself
8Axioma statement accepted as true without proof
9Anonymousbearing no name
10Belligerentone that is in a war like mood (= Belicose)
11Biographythe life history of a person (written by some other person)
12Biopsyexamination of living tissue
13Blasphemyan act of speaking against religion (Heresy)
14Chronologyevents presented in order of occurence
15Conscriptioncompulsory enlistment for military service
16Crusadea religious war
17Drawna game that results neither in victory nor in defeat
18Eatableanything to be eaten
19Ediblefit to be eaten
20Encyclopaediaa book that contains information on various subjects
22Epiloguea concluding speach /comment at the end of the pay (D prologue)
21Ephemerallasting for a very short time /a day
23Extemporea speech made without preparation (= Impromptu)
24Fablea story relating to birds /animals with a moral in the end
25Facsimilean exact copy of handwriting, printing (= xerox)
26Fatalthat causes death
27Faunaanimal of a particular region
28Florathe flowers of a particular region
29Fragilethat can be easily broken
30Gregariousanimals which live in a flock, used for human beings also (= sociable)
31Illegiblein capable of being real (X Legible)
32Inaccessiblea person /place that cannot be easily approached (X accessible)
33Impracticablein capable of being practised (X practicable)
34Inaudiblea sound that cannot be heard (X Audible)
35Incorrigibleincapable of being corrected (X Corrigible)
36irreparableincapable of being repaired (Antonym of this word is reparable)
37indeliblea mark that cannot be erased(Antonym of this word is delible)
38infallibleone who is free from all mistakes and failures(Antonym of this word is fallible)
39inediblenot fit to eat (Antonym of this word is edible
40inflammableliable to catch fire easily(Antonym of this word is non – inflammable)
41inevitablethat cannot be avoided(Antonym of this word is evitable)
42indispensablethat cannot be dispensed with, removed(Antonym of this word is dispensable)
43interregnuma period of interval between regimes and governments
44intelligiblethat can be understood (Antonym of this word is unintelligible)
45lunarof the moon
46. maidena speech or an attempt made by a person for the first time
47mammalan animal that gives milk
48manuscripta matter written by hand
49nostalgiahome sickness. Memories of the past
50omnipresentone who is present everywhere
51omnipotentone who is all powerful
52omniscientone who knows all
53parablea short story with a moral
54parolepledge given by a prisoner for temporary release not to escape
55panaceaa remedy for all ills
56pantheismthe belief that God pervades nature
57pedantica style meant to display one’s knowledge
58plagiarismliterary theft or passing off an author’s original work as one’s own
59platonicsomething spiritual(love)
60portablethat can be carried in hand
61potablefit to drink
62plebiscitea decision made by public voting
63pseudonyman imaginary name assumed by an author
64quarantinean act of separation from a person to avoid infection
65quadrupedan animal with four feet
66referendumgeneral vote of the public to decide a question(Synonym of this word is plebiscite)
67red – tapismofficial formality resulting in delay
68regaliadress with medals, ribbons worn at official ceremonies
69sacrilegeviolating the sanctity of religious places/objects(Synonym of this word is desecration)
70sinecurea job with high salary but a little responsibility
71soliloquya speech made when one is alone
72soporifica medicine that induces sleep
73souvenira thing kept in memory of an event
74swan songthe last literary work of a writer/an artist
75solarof the sun
76Transparentthat can be seen through(Antonym of this word is opaque)
77veniala slight fault that can be forgiven
78verbatimrepetition of a speech or a writing word for word
79utopiaan imaginary land with perfect social order
80zodiaca diagram showing the path of planets

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