All Important Paronyms and Homonyms to Learn by Heart – English

Access – approach
It is very difficult to have an access to the Prime Minister.
Accession (coming to throne)The accession of the prince to the throne was welcomed by the people.
Excess(more than desired)Excess of everything is bad.

Accept(to take)
The teachers accepted the invitation of the students on the Teacher’s Day.
Except(leaving out) – Everybody except Rahul was invited to the party.
Expect(hope) – I never expected that my friends would desert me in the lurch.
Mohan is so obstinate that no one can alter his views.
Altar(place of worship) When I visited temple, I saw him kneeling at the altar.
I got assent of my father to study in a boarding school.
Ascent(climbing up) The ascent to Kargil hills is very arduous.
Adopt(take up)
One should not adopt the bad habits of others.
Adapt(adjust) One must learn to adapt oneself to the circumstances of life.
Adept(expert) Shruti is adept in the art of dancing.
Finally the two brothers came to an amicable settlement.
Amiable(lovable, obliging) Being an amiable house wife she is liked by her kith and kin.
The director was kind enough to accede to the request of the labourers.
Exceed(surpass) Your essay should not exceed three hundred words.
Concede(agree) The prisoner did not concede to the argument of the jailor.
There is no alteration In the programme yet.
Altercation(wordy quarrel) There was altercation between the shop keeper and my brother.
Her remarks about the character of her friends are quite apposite.
Opposite(contrary) Sita’s behavior is opposite to that of her brother.
Affect(to influence, to pretend)
Continuous attack of asthma has affected his health.
Effect(influence) – Excessive hard work in life had adverse effect on her health.
The poem is explained properly by the help of many allusions.
Illusion(unreal) – According to the Vedantists life is an illusion.
Rohit is getting weaker day by day, we don’t know what ails him.
Ale(intoxicating drink) – He visits ale house daily even against the advice of doctors.
Apprehend(fear, perceive, arrest)
The soothsayer apprehended the day of Rohit’s death.
Comprehend(understand) – She could not comprehend the meaning of the passage.
Admission(to get admitted, acceptance)
These days in order to get admission to convent schools you must give a lot of money.
Admittance(entry) – No admittance without permission.
Antique(of ancient times)
There are many antique pieces in the museum.
Antic(odd, tricks) – Antics of the juggler regaled the children.
Alternate(by turns)
We have a moral science class on every alternate day.
Alternative(one of the two choices) – There is no alternative to honesty in dealing with the people.
She was able to change the behavior of her in laws towards her by artful means.
Artistic(pertaining to art) – Everybody admires her for artistic temperament.
Artist(one who practices fine art)
He is a frivolous artist.
Artiste(performing) – There was no security for the artiste, who had come to perform for the charity show.
Artisan(one who does handicraft) – The artisans of Moradabad are very skilful.
Affection(love, kindly feeling)
My mother is held in high affection and respect by all the members of the family.
Affectation(unnatural behavior, pretence) – I always feel vexed at her affectation.
Abstain(keep form things(eating, drinking, voting)
we would abstain from drinking.
Refrain(keep from bad habits) – You should refrain from telling a lie.
Avenge(just punishment)
Hamlet delayed avenging the murder of his father.
Revenge(to punish out of personal grudge) – He revenged himself on his enemy by abducting his minor child.
Adulteration(making impure)
The owners of the milk dairy were charged with adulteration of milk.
Adultery(having extra marital relations) – Her husband accused her of adultery and deserted her.
We should not cast aspersions on our friends.
Aspiration(ambition, desire) – You can attain your aspiration only by hard work.
Avert(to check)
A little common sense averted a major mishap.
Advert(refer to ) – He adverted to the problem of Indian security in his speech.
Birth(to be born)
The exact date of the birth of a person is known from his birth certificate.
Berth(a seat in a train) – I have got two berths booked in the Rajdhani Express.
It is very difficult to control a horse without a bridle.
Bridal(of bride) – The bridal dress must have cost a lot.
Barbaric(savage, simple)
She was selected to play the part of village damsel because of her barbaric beauty.
Barbarous(inhuman) – The muslim invaders were barbarous in their wars.
Hitler’s barbarity is too terrible to be related.
Barbarism(uncivilized conditions) – Barbarism still prevails in most of the tribal regions of the world.
Nutritious food is beneficial for health.
Beneficent(kind) – Everybody paid rich tribute to the king as he was beneficent to all and sundry.
Beside(by the side of)
He sat beside her father.
Besides(in addition to) – Besides English she is also learning French.
Bear(tolerate, carry, give birth)
Mohan cannot bear being insulted by his boss.
Bare(naked) – He was bitten by a snake as he was bare foot.
The dead body was borne by his friends.
Born(take birth) – Pearl was born in Ashwini Hospital at Mumbai.
His application for release on bail was rejected.
Bale(bundle of cloth) – He was carrying a bale of cotton on his head.
Beatific(feeling joy & peace) – The saints are always in a beatific state of mind.
Beatitude(state of bliss, blessedness)He experienced beatitude before he died.
Caste(class of society) – In ancient times people were divided into different castes according to the work they did.
Cast(throw) – We cast away old clothes and buy new ones.
Cost(price) – The cost of living has risen a lot.
Childlike(simple, innocent as a child) – Her childlike face has won over many hearts.
Childish(silly) – No body likes him for his childish habits.
Canvass(propagate) – Because of approaching elections people are canvassing for their candidates.
Canvas(rough cloth) – While jogging he always wears canvas shoes.
Cite(to quote) – The advocate cited many examples to prove his case.
Site(place) – It is a very spacious site for constructing a nursing home.
Sight(scenery, vision)The mutilated body of a child was a ghastly sight.
Continuous(without break) – He has been sleeping for an hour continuously.
Continual(continuity with break) – It has been drizzling continually since last night.
Cemetery(burial place) – The dead body was taken to the cemetery for burial.
Symmetry(quality of harmony or balance in size and design) – The building looks exquisite only because of its remarkable symmetry.
Career(vocation, profession) – If we want to make a good career we must work.
Carrier(that one carries) – The goods were taken to the destination on public carrier.
Confident(certain, sure) – I am very confident of my friend’s success in the interview.
Confidant(one who shares a secret(Once his confidant, now Dinesh is the arch enemy of his mentor.
compliment(regards) – I complimented my friend on her success.
Complement(that completes)Both husband and wife are complement to each other.
Cannon(big gun) – Hundreds of cannons were shot in the battlefield.
Canon(principle, a law) Canons of any religion are not easy to follow.
Creditable(praiseworthy) – It is really creditable for a village boy to have topped the university.
Credible(believable)Your excuse is not credible.
Credulous(simple, artless)Children are credulous by nature.
Coma(state of unconsciousness) – After the accident my friend had been in state of coma for several hours.
Comma(a mark of punctuation) – Comma is a very important part of learning punctuation.
Corporal(physical) – In our school the children are not given corporal punishment.
Corporeal(having body, material) Ghosts are not corporeal beings.
Comprehensive(exhaustive, extensive) – Comprehensive steps have been taken to meet with unforeseen emergency.
Contagious(that spreads by contact)
Small pox is a contagious disease.
Contiguous(adjacent)New Delhi and Noida are contiguous.
Censure(blame, criticize) – Censure motion tabled by the opposition fell through.
Censor(examination of films and plays)The film “The Bandit Queen” has not been approved of by the censor board.
Collision(striking against(face to face) –  Due to heavy fog the car met with a collision.
Collusion(nexus)There was a collusion between the smugglers and the political leaders.
Contemptible(deserving contempt) – The conduct of the taxi driver was highly mean and contemptible.
Contemptuous(expressing contemptuous) She dismissed the servant with contemptuous gesture.
Considerable(large, to great extent) – The industrialist spent considerable amount of money to uplift the living conditions of his workers.
Considerate(thoughtful of others)He is beneficent and considerate to his subordinates.
Ceremonious(formal) – One should not be very ceremonious in the marriage of daughters.
Ceremonial(of ceremony)I could not attend the ceremonial function of his marriage.
Complaisant(Pleasing, obliging) – He is popular with his friends on account of his complaisant nature.
Complacent(self satisfied)Most of the students of my class are complacent in their outlook and will not revolt against the principal.
Conscious(aware) – We should always by conscious of what is going on around the world.
Conscience(inner voice)I always act according to my conscience.
Consensus(general agreement)Government should be run by consensus.
Conscientious(honest, scrupulous)Being a conscientious worker he never shirks work.
Coherent(intelligible) – She was so nervous that her works were not coherent.
Inherent(inborn quality)sincerity is inherent in her character.
Collaborate(work together) –  Indian industries are compelled to collaborate with multinational companies for survival.
Corroborate(confirm)the principal corroborated the teacher’s statement made to the police.
Casual(occasional) – He is on casual leave today.
Causal(relating to cause)There is definite causal relationship between population and poverty.
council(an assembly) – The legislative council has passed the Bill.
Counsel(advice) His counsel proved very beneficial in the end.
Councillor(member of council) –  He  is a councilor of the Legislative Council.
Counselor(adviser)I have engaged a noted counselor to defend my case.
Corpse(dead body) – A mutilated corpse was found in a locked house.
Corps(body of troops)He is serv9ing in Army Ordnance Corps.
Carcass(dead body of animal)A Carcass of a dog was lying in the road.
coarse(rough) – Though he is quite rich, he wears coarse clothes.
Course(line of action)He has given up immoral course of life.
Century(one hundred) – Twentieth century will be known as the age of science.
Centenary(100th anniversary)Centenary of Indian National Movement was celebrated in 1985 A.D.
Conservation(preservation) – Conservation of forests is very important for our survival.
Conservatism(orthodox ideas) I am quite liberal and do not believe in conservatism.
Conform(adhere to) –  You must conform to the rules laid down by your company.
Confirm(ratify) I shall confirm my programme tomorrow.
Capacity(ability to contain) –  The hall has a seating capacity for five hundred students.
Capability(power of doing things)My friend has capability to do any difficult task.
Commonplace(ordinary, usual) –  We are fed up with the commonplace speeches of our leaders.
Common place(place for all) The street is a common place for everyone.
Commandeer(seize for military purpose) – When martial law was imposed in Pakistan huge area of vacant land was commandeered for building air strip.
Commander(one who commands)The commander of the army ordered the soldiers to capture the fort.
Disease(illness) – My friend is suffering from an incurable disease.
Decease(death)On account of the decease of his father, the burden of the family fell on hid shoulders.
Deny(refers to past(action, knowledge) – She denied that she had gone to the movie last night.
Refuse(refers to future(request, order) Meeta refused that she would not return the money.
Duel(fight between two persons) –  In ancient times many duels were fought in order to settle disputes.
Dual(double)she follows dual policy and misguides her husband.
Deference(regards) – All children should have deference for their elders.
Difference(distinction)There is no difference among the basic concepts of all the religions.
Deferment(postponement)His application for deferment of hearing was turned down.
Decent(right and suitable) – She always wears decent clothes.
Descent(coming down)The descent of the hill is very dangerous.
Dissent(disagreement)Only a few members expressed dissent to my suggestion.
Desert(sandy land) – The government has greatly solved the problem of pure drinking water in the desert.
Desert(leave)She was deserted by her husband.
Dessert(sweet dish)Dessert was served after dinner.
Dominant(dominating) – Sohan is very dominant in our class.
Domineer(to dominate)Mothers in law try to domineer over their daughters in law.
Drought(lack of rain) – Last year most of the areas of Uttar Pradesh suffered from a severe drought.
Draught(current of wind, quantity of liquid) A draught of cool wind was very refreshing.
Defective(having defect) – As he met with a severe accident last year, one of his legs is defective.
Deficient(lacking)Though young he is deficient in common sense.
diverse(different) – The two children of one family may have diverse temperaments.
Divers(several)(i)He has consulted divers doctors about his disease. (ii)Those, who dive into river/sea, are divers.
Deduce(infer) – It is difficult to deduce any conclusion from your ambiguous remarks.
Deduct(subtract)Two days’ wages will be deducted from your monthly salary.
Deliverance(freedom, emancipation) – Lord Buddha preached eight fold path to attain deliverance from sorrows of life.
Delivery(giving letters etc.)the delivery of the letter was just in time.
Decry(criticize) – The foreign policy of the Congress party has always been decried.
Descry(dimly seen)We could descry only a traveler in the bleak evening.
Defy(violate) – How dare you defy my orders?
Deify(to worship)Swami Vivekananda is deified by every Indian.
Doze(sleep) – the teacher caught him dozing in the class.
Dose(of medicine)You should not take heavy dose of medicine.
Dam(barrier built to reserve water) – A dam has been built on the river.
Damn(condemn)The book was damned by the critics.
Diversion(change in direction) – There is a diversion on the road ahead.
Diversity(variety)Diversity is the chief feature of our civilization.
Enviable(causing envy) – All the people are jealous because of his enviable position in the society.
Envious(feeling of envy)Her friends were envious of her success in the medical entrance examination.
Exception(objection) – There are always exceptions to rules in every language.
Exceptional(rare, to a large extent)In his own class Rohit is a body of exceptional abilities.
Exceptionable(objectionable)I objected to her exceptionable remarks against my parents.
Eminent(famous) – Shakespeare was an eminent playwright.
Imminent(impending)Third world war is imminent.
Immanent(present everywhere)Divine force is immanent in universe.
Eligible(fit to be chosen) – Untrustworthy people are not eligible for responsible posts.
Illegible(that cannot be read)I can’t read this letter as her handwriting is illegible.
Exceedingly(to a great extent(good sense) – One of my cousins is an exceedingly rich person.
Excessively(to a great extent(bad sense) They spent money on the feast lavishly and excessively.
Exhausting(tiring) – Teaching nursery classes is a very exhausting job.
Exhausted(tired)He was exhausted and went to bed immediately.
Economical(Frugal) –  A housewife should always be economical if she wants to run her house smoothly.
Economic(pertaining to economy)India is yet to cross many hurdles to overcome economic crisis.
Elude(escape) – Sohan was so clever that he eluded the police and escaped from the prison.
Allude(refer,cite)The speaker alluded to many examples from the Gita.
Excite(stir up feelings) – The people got very excited when the police refused to take any action against the culprits.
Incite(rousing to action)The communal speech of the leader incited the mob to violence.
Insight(ability to see the truth)India needs leaders of great insight.
Envelop(cover, wrap) –  AS the dark clouds covered the sky, the whole town was enveloped in darkness.
Envelope(a letter cover)Please put the letter in the envelope.
Expeditious(quick, prompt) – Dattu is very expeditious in answering letters.
Expedient(practical, contrary to principles) Selfish persons are always expedient in their approach to life.
Expedition(a journey to unknown place) They will go on an expedition to Everest.
Esteem(respect) – As Mahesh is very sociable, he is held in high esteem by his friends.
Estimate(calculate) Can you give me the estimate of the cost of the house?
Estimation(opinion, judgement)In my estimation he is the fool of the first water.
Exposure(reveal, exposed to heat or cold) –  She will not attend office today as she is suffering from exposure.
Exposition(explanation) Tilak’s exposition of the Gita is remarkable.
Egoist(one who believes in self interest, proud) – An egoist is moved only by self-interest while helping others.
Emerge(come out) – It is hoped that he will emerge successful out of these trying conditions.
Immerse(plunge into, absorb in) Being a man of contemplative nature, he is always immersed in pensive mood.
Eruption(bursting) – The eruption of volcano caused heavy destruction on the island.
Irruption(attack)The irruption of Pakistan Army was successfully repulsed.
Elemental(of nature, elements)  – Inspite of elemental hardships Columbus discovered America.
Elementary(beginning, introductory)You must have elementary knowledge of science.
Excursion(picnic) – The students will go on excursion tomorrow.
Incursion(sudden attack) Incursions by Pakistan and China into our borders speak of our weakness.
Entrance(opening, gate) – The entrance to the fair by this route has been blocked up.
Entry(coming into)The entry of student leaders into college premises is banned.
Expensive(costing much money) – She bought a less expensive dresss.
Valuable(useful)The book provides valuable data for further study.
Fatal(causing death) – On his way to school, he met with an accident and received a fatal wound in the leg.
Fateful(very significant)The formation of I.N.A. was a fateful event.
Fatalist(believer in fate) Indians are fatalists by nature.
forceful(strong and powerful) –  Netaji had a forceful personality.
Forcible(by force, compulsion) He was evicted from the house forcibly.
Feign(pretend) In order to save himself the accused feigned madness in the court.
Fain(gladly)She would fain do anything for her friends.
Forgo(give up) – Parents forgo their own comforts for the sake of their children.
Forego(go before)This point has been dealt with in detail in the foregoing passage.
Facility(convenience, dexterity) – The hotel provides all kinds of facilities to its customers.
Felicity(apt expression, joy)May God bless you with felicity!
Facilitate(make easy) – The new agreement will facilitate the development of the trade.
Felicitate(to congratulate)I felicitated him on his success.
Fair(a show, just colour) – Let us go to Nauchandi fair.
Fare(passage money, meal)There is a steep rise in railway fare.
Formality(show ceremony) – True friends never observe formality with each other.
Formalism(observance of rites)Swami Dayanand taught the Hindus to shun formalism in religion.
Fiscal(of public revenue) – Government is trying to bring down the fiscal deficit in the next budget.
Financial(monetary)He suffered hug financial loss in the business.
Gentle(not harsh) – We should be gentle and polite to our elders.
Genteel(well mannered, of the upper class) People belonging to middle class try to maintain the style of genteel class of society.
Gamble(to play for stake) – On the occasion of Diwali people gamble and ruined.
Gambol(to frisk)It is a beautiful sight to see a deer gamboling in a forest.
Graceful(beautiful) – she has a graceful gait.
Gracious(kind, merciful) God is gracious.
Gate(door) – The dacoits entered the house through the main gate.
Gait(manner of walking) Her gait is graceful.
Gravitation(pulling towards, attracting) – Theory of gravitation was invented by Newton.
Gravity(quality of being serious) One must observe gravity on solemn occasions.
Hoard(amass, to store) – As he is a smuggler, he has a hoard of gold and silver in his house.
Horde(a gang)A horde of militants intruded into Indian territory.
Historic(likely to be famous in history) –  Kapil Dev scored historic victory by winning the World Cup in 1983.
Histrionic(art of acting) Rekha is known for her histrionic talents.
Historical(of history)I visited many historical buildings in Delhi while I was in school.
Humility(politeness) – Humility in victory is a rare virtue.
Humiliation(insult, disgrace0 All respectable persons prefer death to humiliation.
Honorary(unpaid) – My sister taught in a college as an honorary tutor.
Honourable(deserving honour) He is regarded honourable member of the club.
Human(race of man) –  On account of ecological disturbances, the existence of human beings is endangered.
Humane(kind) Doctors are supposed to be considerate and humane.
Hail(belong to, welcome, frozen rain) –  Those hailing from Bangladesh are living illegally in this country.
Hale(healthy) he is hale and hearty and enjoys life to his fill.
Healthy(having health) – Inspite of his old age he is quite healthy.
Healthful(promoting health) The climate of hill stations is healthful.
Hypocritical(guilty of hypocrisy) – I do not like his hypocritical attitude towards his friends.
Hypercritical (too critical)It does not pay in life to be hyporcritical of trivial matters.
Humanity(mankind, quality of being kind) – One must act in the larger interest of humanity.
Humanism(devotion to human interest) Act of humanism is always apopreciated.
Hollow(not solid, with hole, false) –  The stick is hollow; nothing is inside the year.
Hallow(ed)(sacred)The hallowed shrine is visited by the devotees throughout the year.
Halo(circle of light around the head) Holy men are painted with halo around their heads.
Industrial(pertaining to industry) – Industrial progress in India has not been rapid.
Industrious(hard working) My friendis a n industrious man and he achieved success in life.
Impossible(that is not possible) – If we make up our mind and work hard nothing is impossible in this world.
Impassable(that cannot be passed through)Many passes in the Himalayas are impassable during winter.
Ingenious(skilful, clever) – She devised an ingenious scheme to hoodwink the police.
Ingenuous(frank, innocent) Children are liked for their ingenuous nature.
Imaginary(fanciful, unreal) – Don’t be daunted by imaginary troubles.
Imaginative(contemplative) poets and artists are imaginative by temperament.
Intelligible(understandable) –  Your remarks are not intelligible to me.
Intelligent(wise and sensible)Only intelligent students are found to succeed in this world of stiff competition.
Immoral(not according to morality) –  An immoral person suffers in the long run.
Unmoral(non-moral, amoral)Unmoral persons are not concerned with morality or the immorality of an action.
Incomparable(without equal) – She was a damsel of incomparable beauty.
Uncomparable(having no similarity) The security problems of India and Pakistan are uncomparable.
Invert(to put upside down) – Put this statement in inverted commas.
Inert(passive) Invert gases are without active chemical properties.
Inept(incompetent) – Inept handling of situation resulted in riots.
Inapt(unsuitable)The title of the story is inapt.
Incidental(happening as natural or a part of) –  The risk of loss is always incidental to any business.
Accidental(by chance)It was just an accidental meeting between the two school mates.
Jealous(full of jealousy) –  All his friends are jealous of him.
Zealous(enthusiastic)My brother is very zealous about his new appointment.
Judicious(wise, thoughtful) – We must be judicious in the choice of our career.
Judicial(pertaining to judiciary) He was sent to judicial lock up by the Magistrate.
Kindly(acts, feelings) –  I shall never forget your kindly act.
Kind(tender, pitiful) He is a kind man who helps every body.
Lighting(flash of light) – Lighting struck his house and set the whole house on fire.
Lightening(make light)He is always interested in lightening the financial burden of his father.
Luxurious(pertaining to luxury) –  As she is the daughter of a rich industrialist, she lives a very luxurious life.
Luxuriant(rich in growth) the hills of Uttarakhand are teeming with luxuriant forests.
Loathe(detest) – The rich should not loathe the poor.
Loth(loath)(unwilling)She was loth to go with him alone.
Limit(extent) – You must spend within your limits.
Limitation(shortcomings)There are many limitations in Parliamentary form of government in backward countries.
Loud(loud sound) – Everyone was alarmed when there was a loud blast in the locality.
Loudly(in a loud manner)The teacher forbade them to speak loudly.
Aloud(audible) The students requested the teacher to speak aloud.
Learned(erudite, educated) – He is not only rich but also learned and wise/
Learnt(past of learn)He learnt his lesson very well.
Literal(expressed in words) – Most of the words are used in literal and figurative sense.
Literary(of literature) He is a literary man and reads a lot of books.
Maze(winding paths) – The walled city is full of mazes.
Maize(a kind of corn)Maize grows in abundance in Africa.
Memorable(worthy of remembering) –  In the plays of Shakespeare we find a lot of memorable quotation.
Memorial(statue or anything in the memory of)We collected money to erect memorial in the memory of war heroes.
Immemorial(longer than people can remember)The religious rites of the Hindus are immemorial tradition.
Momentary(short lived) – One should not run after the wordly pleasures as they are momentary.
Momentous(very important) Operation ‘Shakti’ at Pokhran was the momentous event in the history of independent india.
Morale(the state of spirit, confidence) – The morale of the army should always be high.
Moral(sense of right and wrong, lesson) We are advised to pursue a moral course of life.
maritime(relating to sea, or ships) –  Once Britain was great maritime power.
Marine(found in the sea/trade by sea)India should develop marine trade to earn foreign exchange.
Manifest(obvious, evident) – It should be manifest to all by now that China and Pakistan are inciting trouble on our borders.
Manifestation(act or desire that makes obvious) Indiscipline among the youth is just a manifestation of serious national level.
Negligible(unimportant) – The dacoits attacked his house yesterday night but his loss is negligible.
Negligent(careless in duty)We should not be negligent in our duty.
Neglectful(careless) He is so neglectful that he doesn’t care for his family’s interest.
Notable(creditable) – India has made a notable progress in the field of agriculture.
Noticeable(easy to notice)There is noticeable improvement in the patient.
Notorious(famous(unfavourable)Our political leaders are notorious for their apthy to public interest.
Noted(famous)The leader is noted for his honesty.
Observance(compliance) – In order to remain healthy observance of certain simple rules is required.
Observation(notice)Children have very keen observation power.
Ordinance(a government order) –  The government has issued an ordinance against the people who do not pay the taxes on time.
Ordnance(a gun)There is an ordnance factory at Kanpur.
Official(pertaining to office) –  You are bound to maintain official secrecy.
Officious(ready to offer services, flatterer) Beware of officious fellows.
Organisation(institution) –  He is working in a non-government organization.
Organism(living beings with parts working together)Human organism is a complex system.
Organic (of an organ) Organic diseases destroy the organs.
Petrol(fuel) – Petrol is very costly these days.
Patrol(go round)The patrol van is regularly moving on the highway day and night for our protection.
Providential(divine) – My friend’s providential escape at the critical moment saved his life.
Provident(frugal, thrifty) She is quite provident and economical in household expenses.
Providence(divine force) Trust in Providence for good days.
Practical(not theoretical) –  The scientist gave a practical demonstration of his experiment.
Practicable(Capable of being practiced) Only practicable schemes are adopted by our Managing Director.
Proscribe(ban, prohibit) –  Indecent books are generally proscribed by the government.
Prescribe(recommend, advise) Doctor has prescribed a very efficacious medicine for the treatment of the disease.
Popular(admirable) –  As Mrs. Neena is a very kind teacher, she is very popular with her students.
Populous(thickly populated) China is the most populous country in the world.
Pale(bloodless, yellowish) –  Due to his prolonged sickness he looks very pale now.
Pail(container) A pail full of milk was lying in the kitchen.
Pair(double of a thing) –  I gave a pair of new shoes to my brother on his birthday.
Pare(trim) Please pare your finger nails regularly.
Pane(window glass) –  Our window pane was broken by the children who were playing Cricket outside our house.
Pain(suffering of mind or body) She was feeling pain in her neck.
Peel(to remove the skin) Please wash the mangoes before you peel them.
Peal(a loud sound)On hearing his jokes all of us went into a peal of laughter.
Personal(private) – We were asked to express our personal views on this subject in the debate.
Personnel(persons employed)the personnel department has issued termination notice to Sachin.
Punctual(at fixed time) – Punctual students alone deserve a splendid success.
Punctilious(very careful in duty) We are taught to be very punctilious in our work in the school.
Prudent(wise, careful, foresight) – It is prudent on her part to break with selfish friends.
Prudential(of prudent actions, policy) The prudential actions of my father saved the family from financial crisis.
Precedent(previous examples) –  The lawyer cited many precedents in support of his case.
President(Head of Institution) Indian President is only de jure head of the government.
Physique(physical health) –  He is a smart youngman with a good physique.
Physic(medicine) No physic has het been discovered to cure cancer.
Physics(a subject) Physics is my favourite subject.
Prey(hunt and kill) –  As a national bird the Peacock is not a bird of prey.
Pray(offer prayer) He prays to God daily.
Proceed(to move forward) –  Inspite of difficulties he proceeded with his enterprise.
Politic(prudent, wise) –  It is not politic to flog the dead horse.
Political(of politics) The political parties in India have no concern for the poor.
Prosecute(File a suit in the court) –  You are likely to be prosecuted in the court for violation of rules.
Persecute(oppress) She was mercilessly persecuted for not bringing a care in downy.
Pitiable(deserving pity) –  The condition of the family is pitiable on account of poverty.
Pitiful(making one feel pity) It was pitiful sight to see a beggar woman suffering from cancer.
Polity(form of government) –  Indian polity is not in a healthy state these days.
Policy(plan of action) Honesty is the best policy.
Proscription(prohibition):  The proscription of the newspaper was resented by the people.
Prescription(recommendation) The prescription of medicine by the doctor proved very useful.
Putrefy(to rot):  Many unclaimed dead bodies lay putrefying in the field.
Petrify(turn into stone, stun) We were petrified with terror to see the ghastly sight of the carnage.
Righteous(just, truthful): The Principal’s anger was righteous for he could not tolerate the indiscipline in the college.
Rightful(having right) He is the rightful owner of the property.
Raise(increase): The traders have raised the prices of food grains.
Raze(wipe out) All the huts of the poor were razed to the ground as they needed land to build a five star hotel.
Reign(rule): The reign of Gupta dynasty, is known as golden period in the history of india.
Rein(bridle of horse)He reined the horse and escaped a fall.
Rite(ceremony): The marriage was performed according to Hindu rites.
Wright(give a shape) He is a great playwright.
Write(Compose)Please write in the note-book.
Rout(put to defeat): The enemy was routed by Indian forces.
Route(path) you should not go by long route.
Respective(belonging to each): After the match we left for our respective homes.
Respectable(enjoying respect) His father is a respectable man of the city.
Respectful(showing respect) You must be respectful to your elders.
Rapt(fully attentive): They  listened to the speech of the Prime Minister with rapt attention.
Wrapt(lost in, absorbed) She did not notice my arrival as she was wrapt in her thoughts.
Recourse(means of action): I do not advise you to have recourse to legal action in this matter.
Resource(means, raw material) India is a land teeming with natural resources.
Symbol(sign, to represent something): Vinoba Bhave was a symbol of simplicity and honesty.
Cymbal(a musical instrument) The melodious sound of the cymbals impressed every body.
Stationery(writing material): His father deals in office stationery.
stationary(static, fixed) The sun is stationary.
Soar(rise, fly): Birds are soaring in the sky.
Sore(wound, painful) People are sore because the prices are soaring.
Sour(bitter) the grapes are sour.
Suspect(to think to be true): The whole class suspects Rohan to have stolen Rita’s money.
Doubt(to think to be untrue) I doubt if she will get through the examination.
Sociable(fond of mixing with people): Because of her sociable behavior she is liked by all the members of her family.
Social(pertaining to society) Man is a social animal.
Sensual(voluptuous, exciting sense): We should not indulge in sensual pleasures or we will repent later on.
Sensuous(that affects the senses) John Keats poetry is sensuous.
Spacious( having large space): My house contains many spacious rooms.
Specious(outwardly attractive) No body was impressed with his specious arguments.
Spiritual(opposed to material, of spirit): Indians should not give up their spiritual heritage.
Spirituous(containing intoxicating drink) Excessive consumption of spirituous drinks is injurious to health.
Stimulant(that which stimulates): Tea is a stimulant for a worker after a day’s hard work.
Stimulus(incentive) Man hardly acts if there is no stimulus before him.
Special(specific): He came here on a special mission to bring about reconciliation between the two parties.
Especial(to a great degree) It is especially hot these days.
Storey(upper part of a building): He lives in the second storey of the house.
Story(tale) It is a very interesting story.
Suit(a set of clothes, a lawsuit) –  He presented me with a woolen suit.
Suite(a set of rooms) He has booked a suite in the hotel.
Sham(pretend to be, pretence): What he says is all sham.
Shame(feeling of humiliation) He felt shame at having told a lie.
Severe(violent, rigorous): She is suffering from severe headache.
Sever(separate) You can never sever relations with your family.
Statue(figure of animal/man in stone or wood): The statue of Dr. Ambedkar was unveiled by the President.
Statute(law passed by law making bodies) The statute was passed by the Parliament unanimously.
Temperance(Moderation in habits): We should observe temperance in eating and drinking habits because it leads to healthy way of life.
Tolerable(bearable):  The food that was served in his daughter’s marriage was tolerable.
Tolerant(liberal in ideas) Every religion teaches us to be tolerant of the religious views held by others.
Temporal(worldly, physical): We should not hanker after temporal glory.
Temporary(lasting for short time) He was given the job on the temporary basis only.
Tamper(meddle with): Please do not tamper with my papers.
Temper(emotional state of mind, soften) One must not lose one’s temper.
Teem(full of ): India is a country teeming with natural resources.
Team(group of players)( His name has not been included in college cricket team.
Uninterested(having no interest) Gaurav is uninterested in the study of science.
Disinterested (free from personal motive) A disinterested leader of the party always commands respect from his followers.
Variation(change): Variation in his blood pressure worried the doctors.
Variance(Opposite) My views are always at variance with my father’s.
Vocation(profession) Singing is both his vocation and avocation.
Avocation*(hobby) Gardening is a very favourite avocation of my father.
Virtuous(having virtues) She is a virtuous and devoted house wife.
Virtual(real) Her mother is the virtual head of the family.
Voracity(greed) He is detested on account of his voracity for wealth.
Veracity(truthfulness) It is very difficult to verify the veracity of her statement since she is very clever.
Vane(weather cock): The wind vane points to the direction of the wind.
Vain(proud, useless)She is vain of her wealth.
Wane((decline) His popularity as a political leader is on the wane.
Vein(a blood vein) All the veins carry blood to heart.
Vassal(a slave): In ancient times prisoners of war were made vassals.
Vessel(a small ship, utensil) Empty vessels make much noise.
Venal(corruptible): The venal leaders are bane of Indian polity.
Venial(to be forgiven) The fault is so slight that it is thought to be venial.
Wreak(take revenge): At last he wreaked vengeance by killing his enemy.
Wreck(destroy) the fury of the storm wrecked many houses.
Wither(fade) The plants kept in the shade will wither for want of Sun and light.
Whither(where)Modern man is so much confused that he does not know whither he is heading for.
Willing((ready) We should always be willing to help the needy.
Wilful(deliberate) His marriage was a total failure on account of his willful nature.
Wave(sea or river wave) The waves rose sky high when the storm blew up.
Waive(remove, forgo)Government has at last agreed to waive excise duty on cloth.
Wrest(snatch by force) The enemy wrested his gun and killed him.
Rest(peace)Please go and take rest now.
Womanly(of woman(good sense) My mother has womanly virtues.
Womanish(of woman(bad sense) His voice is womanish as it is quite shrill.
Whet(increase interest) Lemon will whet your appetite for more food.
Vet(screening) The candidates were vetted for security reasons.
Wet(covered with water/liquid) He got wet in the rain and is not well.

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