One Words Denoting Groups (People, Animals, Birds & Things)

One Words Denoting Groups (People, Animals, Birds & Things)
1. agenda a list of business matters at a meeting
2. alliance a state of relationship formed between state, power etc.
3. anthology a collection of poems
4. attendance/retinue a number of servants, persons present with a person in authority
5. audience a number of people gathered to listen
6. band a group of musician, followers
7. batch a group of pupils
8. battery a group of heavy guns
9. bale a large quantity of cotton tied in a bundle
10. bench the office of judges or magistrates
11. Bevy a large group of girl/ladies
12. block a group of houses or buildings bounded by four sides
13. bouquet a bunch of flowers
14. Brood a family of young ones
15. brace a pair of pigeons
16. board-decision making body of directors
17. cache of arms, storehouse for hiding
18. caravan a group of people travelling with their vehicles or animals
19. catalogue a list of books
20. caucus of inner circle of members of government
21. clique a small group of persons belonging to a body
22. circle a group of friends
23. claque a group of applauders i.e. paid to clap
24. cloud of locusts
25. cluster a group of islands
26. code a systematic collection of laws
27. colony/column a group of people of one race moving in the same direction
28. constellation a series of stars
29. chest of drawers
30. congress a meeting of delegates
31. convoy a group of trucks/lorries travelling together under protection
32. cortege a funeral procession
33. course a series of lectures or lessons
34. conference a meeting of preachers, delegates
35. congregation a group of worshippers
36. crew of sailors manning ships
37. drove a flock of cattle(being driven)
38. flight the action of flying of birds
39. (a) flotilla a small fleet of boats (b) fleet-of ships
40. galaxy a system of millions of stars, beauties
41. gallery a room that contains pictures and statues displayed for sale.
42. grove a small orchard of trees
43. hamlet a group of houses in a village
44. haul a number of fish(in a net) caught at one time
45. heap a number of ruins, stones
46. heard a large group of animals that live together
47. hive (swarm) of bees
48. host a large number of people, reasons, considerations
49. horde of people, robbers
50. jumble an untidy collection of things
51. litter of young pigs, dogs at birth
52. lock a section of hair
53. order a society of knights, monks living under the same rule
55. poultry of fowls, ducks etc.
56. posse a group of policemen
57. rosary a string of beads
58. school a group of thinkers, or learned men sharing similar ideas
59. sea of troubles, difficulties, cares
60. series a numbers of similar events, matches, lectures
62. sheaf of corn, wheat
63. string a sequence of similar items
64. stream a continuous flow of people/visitors
65. suite a set of followers, rooms, furniture
66. suit a set of clothes made of same fabric
67. syllabus the topics of studies
68. swarm of flies or locusts, bees, ants
69. truss a frame-work of rafters, posts and bars
70. syndicate a group of merchants
71. team a group of players, horses, oxen
72. throng a large crowd of people
73. tissue of lies or crimes
74. troupe a group of artists, dancers or acrobats
75. torrent of abusive invectives, of rain
76. tuft of grass, hair
77. union a political unit containing a number of states
78. barrage of questions
79. volley a number of arrows, stones, abuses
80. world of cares, troubles

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