31 March – This Day in History

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On this page, we will list all historical events that have occurred on 31st March. The students can refer them while preparing for all competitive exams and banking exams.

Important Days:

  • Freedom Day (Malta)

Important Events:

Dalai Lama

1867: Prarthana Samaj was established by Ranade, Bhandarkar and others at Mumbai in 1864
1904: British slaughter hundreds of Tibetans.
1913: Foundation stone of ‘Gateway of India’ was laid by Sir George Sydneham Clerk
1930: Shyamji Krishna Varma, freedom fighter, nationalist and patriot, passed away in Geneva.
1935: 374 infants wed at a mass ceremony.
1942: During the 2nd World War, Japan was heavily successful in Burma and Andaman which posted a danger to the Indian Security.
1959: Dalai Lama fled China & was granted political asylum in India.
1977: N. K. Mukarji was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary of India. He held this office till 31-03-1980
1980: Nirmal Mukherjee, the last Indian Civil Service Officer, retired from service as Cabinet Secretary.
1990: Bharat Ratna, India’s highest award, was given to Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (1841-1956) (Posthumous).
1992: The new five-year Export-Import policy relaxes restrictions
1994: The Supreme Court orders closure of 11 industrial units around Taj Mahal.
The Supreme Court orders closure of 11 industrial units around Taj Mahal.

1997: Forex reserves touch a record $ 22.36 billions
1998: T. N. Mishra became the director of Central Bureau of Investigation (till 04/01/99).
1999: The PIO card, conferring privileges on persons of Indian origin settled abroad, is formally launched.

Birthday / Anniversary:

1843: Balwant Pandurang Kirloskar (Annasaheb), first musical playwright of Marathi, was born.
1871: Gangadhar Balkrishna Deshpande, freedom fighter and loyal Congress leader ‘Lion of Karnataka’, was born.

Death / Death Anniversary:

Meena Kumari

1663: Mir Jumla, Mughal Commander, passed away in Bihar.
1926: Dattatray Balwant Parasnis, who made research in History, passed away.
1972: Meena Kumari, famous film actress, passed away.

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