One Words Denoting Phobias / Mental Disorders

One Words Substitutions Denoting Phobias and Mental Disorders
1 acrophobia high places
2 aerophobia fear of air
3 aglophobia of pain
4 altiphobia of altitude
5 anorexia fear of getting fat makes young girls stop eating resulting in harmful effect
6 agorophobia of public/place open
7 androphobia of males
8 autophobia of solitude
9 bathophobia of depths
10 biblophobia of books
11 cacophobia of ugliness
12 catrophobia of doctors
13 cellophobia extreme fear about beauty
14 chronophobia of time
15 cynophobia of dogs
16 claustrophobia of being confined to small place
17 dipsophobia of thirst
18 dipsomania morbid compulsion to drink
19 demonomania delusion of being under evil spirits
20 entomophobia of insects
21 ergophobia of work
22 gamophobia of marriage
23 genophobia of birth
24 geraphobia of old age
25 gnosiophobia of knowledge
26 graphophobia of writing
27 gynaephobia of women
28 haemetophobia of blood
29 hedonophobia of pleasure
30 hodophobia of travel
31 hydrophobia of water
32 kleptophobia of stealing/thieves
33 kleptomania a compulsive desire to steal
34 lipophobia of getting fat
35 logophobia of study
36 logomania mania for talking
37 maieusiophobia of childbirth
38 metrophobia of motherhood
39 menemophobia of old memories
40 monophobia of loneliness, of being alone
41 mysophobia of filth, contamination
42 megalomania delusion about one’s greatness
43 nyctophobia of darkness
44 ophthalmophobia of eyes
45 ochlophobia of crowds/mobs
46 paedophobia of children
47 pathophobia of disease/sickness
48 peniophobia of poverty/money problem
49 pharmacophobia of medicine
50 phasmophobia of ghosts
51 xenophobia of foreigners
52 pyrophobia of fire
53 thanatophobia of death
54 scelerophobia of burglars
55 theophobia of God
56 toxicophobia of poison
57 triskaidekaphobia of number thirteen
58 theomania a delusion that one is God

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