Lord Metcalfe was Governor-General of India from 1835 to 1836.

Full Name:Charles Theophilus Metcalfe, 1st Baron Metcalfe
Born:30 January 1785, Kolkata
Died:5 September 1846, Oakley, United Kingdom
OfficeGovernor-General of India:1835-36
Governor of Jamaica (1839–1842)
Governor-General of the Province of Canada (1843–1845),
LORD METCALFE (Governor-General of India:1835-36)

Major Works:

  • Repealed 1823 Licensing Regulations
  • Known as Liberator of India Press


Who is Charles Metacafe?

He held appointments including acting Governor-General of India, Governor of Jamaica and Governor General of the Province of Canada.

Why Metcalfe is known as the liberator of the Indian press?

Sir Charles Metcalfe (1835-1836) is known as the press liberator. The Governor-General of India has been dubbed the “Liberator of the Indian Press” because he lifted restrictions on press freedom.

What was the Metcalfe Act of 1835?

The Press Act, sometimes known as the Metcalfe Act, required a printer/publisher to produce a full account of a publication’s premises and to suspend operations if a similar declaration was filed. The fast proliferation of newspapers was facilitated by a permissive press policy.