Governor General of Bengal (1773–1833)

1773-85 Highest tenure of allWarren HastingsRegulating Act of 1773
Act of 1781
Pitt’s India Act of 1784
Supreme Council Of Bengal
Asiatic Society of Bengal by him and William Jones
Stopped Mughal pension to Shah Alam II
Abolished the Dual System in Bengal
Moved Treasury from Murshidabad to Calcutta
Bengal Gazette- First Indian newspaper published
1st Anglo-Maratha War (1775–82)
2nd AngloMysore war (1780–84)
1st Rohilla War of 1773–1774
“Ring fence policy”
2nd Rohilla War 1779
Naba Kumar episode 1775
Experimentation on land settlements. (1772-five years’ settlement, changed to 1 year in 1776)
English Translation of Bhagwat Gita
1785-86John Macpherson
1786-93Lord CornwallisEstablished lower courts and appellate courts
Permanent Settlement in Bihar and Bengal in 1793
3rd Mysore war
Introduction of Cornwallis Code
Introduce Covenanted Civil Services in India
Sanskrit Vidyalaya at Benares was established by Johnathan Duncan(Governor of Bombay)
1793-98John ShorePolicy of Nonintervention
Charter Act of 1793
Battle of Kharda between Nizam and Marathas (1795)
1798-1805Richard WellesleyIntroduction of Subsidiary Alliance
Subsidiary treaty with Nizam 1798
4th Anglo Mysore War 1799
Subsidiary treaty of Bassein 1802
2nd AngloMaratha War (1803–05)
Fort William College at Calcutta
Formation of Madras Presidency after annexation of Tanjore and Carnatic
1805-07George BarlowSepoy mutiny at Vellore 1806
Bank of Calcutta established (later Imperial Bank of India, now SBI)
1807-1813Lord Minto ICharter Act of 1813
Treaty of Amritsar 1809 with Ranjit Singh
1813-23Lord HastingsEnded the policy of Non-intervention
Doctrine of Paramountcy
Gorkha war at Nepal 1814-16
Treaty of Sugauli
3rd AngloMaratha War (1816-1818)
abolition of Peshwaship
Creation of Bombay Presidency in 1818
Ryotwari System in Madras by governor Thomas Munro
Mahalwari System in Central India, Punjab and Western UP
Hindu College at Calcutta in 1817
Pindari War (1817-1818)
General Committee of Public Instruction was formed in 1823
1823John AdamLicensing Regulations
Calcutta Unitarian Committee was established by Raja Ram Mohan Roy
1823-28Lord Amherst1st AngloBurmese War (1824–26)
Annexes Assam, Manipur, Arakan
Treaty of Yandabo, 1826
Governor General of Bengal (1773–1833)

Governor Generals of India (1833-58)

#NameImportant Works
1William Bentinck (1828-35)1st Governor General of India
Bengal Sati Regulation, 1829
Suppression of thuggee (Henry Sleeman was superintendent)
Charter Act, 1833
Saint Helena Act 1833
Law Commission 1834
Annexation of
– Cachar 1832
– Jaintia 1832
– Coorg 1834
Formation of Agra province
Macaulay’s Minutes 1835
English Education Act 1835
English as a medium of instructions
Medical College, Kolkata
2Charles Metcalfe (1835-36)Repealed 1823 Licensing Regulations
Known as Liberator of India Press
3Lord Auckland (1836-42)Tripartite Treaty between British, Shah Shuja (Afghan traitor) and Ranjit Singh against Dost Muhammad Khan
1st Anglo Afghan War(1840-42)
Bank of Bombay established (later Imperial Bank of India, now SBI)
4Lord Ellenborough (1842-44)Gwalior War (1843) (British Crush Marathas once and for all)
Annexation of Sindh 1843
Bank of Madras established
5Henry Hardinge I (1844-48)1st Anglo-Sikh War (1845–46)
Treaty of Lahore(1846)
British confiscate Kashmir from the Sikhs and sell it to Raja of Jammu
6Dalhousie (1848-56)Highest tenure as Governor General of India

Doctrine of Lapse
Charles Wood Dispatch 1854
2nd Anglo-Sikh War (1848-1849)
2nd Anglo-Burmese War (1852)
1st train between Bombay and Thane
1st telegraph Line Diamond Harbour to Calcutta
Post Office Act, 1854
Santhal Rebellion (1855)
Widow Remarriage Act 1856 – drafted
Established Public Works Department
Engineering College was established at Roorkee
Governor Generals of India (1833-58)


Who was the first Governor-General of Bengal?

The first Governor-General of Bengal was Warren Hastings with tenure of office from 1772-1785.

Who was the first Governor-General of British India?

William Bentick was the first Governor-General of British India. It was after the Charter Act of 1833 was passed that the Governor-General of Bengal was made the Governor-General of British India.