SAGY is a village development project under which each Member of Parliament will take the responsibility of developing physical and institutional infrastructure and improve the standard of living in three villages by 2019.

Lok Sabha MP chooses these villages from the constituency he represents and the Rajya Sabha MP chooses it from the state he represent.

Thereafter, five such Adarsh Grams will be selected and developed by 2024.

Gram Panchayat would be the basic unit for development.

MPs cannot pick villages which belong to themselves or their spouses

The scheme requires MP to draft a village development plan, identify gaps in funding and mobilizing MPLAD funds to create additional resources specifically from CSR initiatives of various corporate houses, in areas of sanitation and water supply.

District Collectors will carry ground-level surveys along with monthly review meetings to monitor progress .

At the State-level, Chief Secretaries will head empowered committee on the same and the Minister for Rural Development and Secretary, Rural Development, will chair two national-level committees to track the scheme.