One Words Denoting

One Words Denoting Professions

Different Professions being denoted by One Word Substitutions
1anchora person who presents a radio/television programme
2anthropologistone who studies the evolution of mankind
3astronauta person, who travels in spacecraft
4calligraphista person who writes beautiful writing
5cartographerone who draws maps
6choreographerone who teaches art of dancing
7chauffeurone who drives a motor car
8compereone who introduces performing artistes on the stage programmes
9curatorone who is incharge of a museum/a cricket pitch
10floristone who deals in flowers
11invigilatorone who supervises in the examination hall
12lexicographerone who compiles a dictionary
13radio jockeyone who presents a radio programme
14psephologistone who studies the pattern of voting in election
15sculptorone who gives shape to stone
16usurerone who lends money at very high rates


One Words Denoting Kinds of Governments

One Words Denoting Kinds of Governments
1anarchyabsence of Government
2aristocracyGovernment by the nobles/lords
3autocracyGovernment by one person (Synonym of this word is Dictatorship)
4Autonomythe right of self-government
5bureaucracyGovernment run by officials
6DemocracyGovernment by the people
7gerontocracyGovernment by old men
8kakistocracyGovernment by the worst citizen
9neocracyGovernment by the inexperienced persons
10ochlocracyGovernment by mob(Synonym of this word is Mobocracy)
11oligarchyGovernment by a few persons
12panarchyGovernment run universally
13plutocracyGovernment by the rich
14secularGovernment not by the laws of religion
15MonarchyGovernment by a king/Queen
16thearchyGovernment by the Gods
17theocracyGovernment by the laws of religion

One Words Denoting Killings / Deaths of Persons

One Word Substitutions Denoting Mortality
1cemeterya graveyard where the dead are buried
2cortegea funeral procession comprising a number of mourners
3cremation ground/crematoriuma place where the last funeral rites are performed
4obituaryan account in the newspaper about the funeral of the deceased
5elegya poem of lamentation on the death of someone loved and admired
6epitaphwords inscribed on the grave/tomb in the memory of the one buried
7filicidemurder of one’s children
8foeticidemurder of one’s foetus
9fratricidemurder of one’s brother
10genocidemurder of race
11homicidemurder of a man/woman
12infanticidemurder of an infant
13matricidemurder of one’s mother
14parricidemurder of one’s parents
15patricidemurder of one’s father
16regicidemurder of king or queen
17suicidemurder of oneself
18uxoricidemurder of one’s wife
19sororicidemurder of one’s sister
20mortuarya place where dead bodies are kept for postmortem
21morguea place where bodies are kept for identification
22post mortemMedical Examination of a dead body (Synonym of this word is Autopsy)

One Words Denoting Marriages

One Word Substitutions Denoting Marriages
1adulterythe practice of having extra-marital relations
2alimonyan allowance paid to wife on divorce
3bigamythe practice of having two wives or husbands at a time
4celibacya state of abstention from marriage
5concubinage-live-in relationshipa man and a woman living without being married
6misogamistone who hates marriage
7matrimonya state of being married
8monogamythe practice of marrying one at a time
9polygamythe practice of marrying more than one wife at a time
10polyandrythe practice of marrying more than one husband at a time
11spinisteran older woman who is not married

One Words Denoting Time Period

One Word Substitutions Denoting Time Period
1annualhappening once in a years
2biennialhappening in two years
3triennialhappening in three years
4quadrennialhappening in four years
5quinquennialhappening in five years
6decennialhappening in ten years
7semicentennial50th anniversary
8Centennial100th anniversary (Centenary)
9sesquicentennial150th anniversary
10bicentennial200th anniversary (bicentenary)
11tricentennial(tercentenary)300th anniversary
12Tetra centennial400th anniversary
13penta centennial500th anniversary
14sexagenarianone who is in sixties
15septuagenarianone who is in seventies
16octogenarianone who is in eighties
17nonagenarianone who is in nineties
18centenarianone who is hundred years old
19centurya period of hundred years
20millenniuma period of 1000 years


One Words Denoting Young ones

One Words Denoting Young ones
14.Frog (Toad)Tadpole
25.Stallion (horse)Colt or Foal

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