One Words Denoting Professions

Different Professions being denoted by One Word Substitutions
1 anchor a person who presents a radio/television programme
2 anthropologist one who studies the evolution of mankind
3 astronaut a person, who travels in spacecraft
4 calligraphist a person who writes beautiful writing
5 cartographer one who draws maps
6 choreographer one who teaches art of dancing
7 chauffeur one who drives a motor car
8 compere one who introduces performing artistes on the stage programmes
9 curator one who is incharge of a museum/a cricket pitch
10 florist one who deals in flowers
11 invigilator one who supervises in the examination hall
12 lexicographer one who compiles a dictionary
13 radio jockey one who presents a radio programme
14 psephologist one who studies the pattern of voting in election
15 sculptor one who gives shape to stone
16 usurer one who lends money at very high rates


One Words Denoting Kinds of Governments

One Words Denoting Kinds of Governments
1 anarchy absence of Government
2 aristocracy Government by the nobles/lords
3 autocracy Government by one person (Synonym of this word is Dictatorship)
4 Autonomy the right of self-government
5 bureaucracy Government run by officials
6 Democracy Government by the people
7 gerontocracy Government by old men
8 kakistocracy Government by the worst citizen
9 neocracy Government by the inexperienced persons
10 ochlocracy Government by mob(Synonym of this word is Mobocracy)
11 oligarchy Government by a few persons
12 panarchy Government run universally
13 plutocracy Government by the rich
14 secular Government not by the laws of religion
15 Monarchy Government by a king/Queen
16 thearchy Government by the Gods
17 theocracy Government by the laws of religion

One Words Denoting Killings / Deaths of Persons

One Word Substitutions Denoting Mortality
1 cemetery a graveyard where the dead are buried
2 cortege a funeral procession comprising a number of mourners
3 cremation ground/crematorium a place where the last funeral rites are performed
4 obituary an account in the newspaper about the funeral of the deceased
5 elegy a poem of lamentation on the death of someone loved and admired
6 epitaph words inscribed on the grave/tomb in the memory of the one buried
7 filicide murder of one’s children
8 foeticide murder of one’s foetus
9 fratricide murder of one’s brother
10 genocide murder of race
11 homicide murder of a man/woman
12 infanticide murder of an infant
13 matricide murder of one’s mother
14 parricide murder of one’s parents
15 patricide murder of one’s father
16 regicide murder of king or queen
17 suicide murder of oneself
18 uxoricide murder of one’s wife
19 sororicide murder of one’s sister
20 mortuary a place where dead bodies are kept for postmortem
21 morgue a place where bodies are kept for identification
22 post mortem Medical Examination of a dead body (Synonym of this word is Autopsy)

One Words Denoting Marriages

One Word Substitutions Denoting Marriages
1 adultery the practice of having extra-marital relations
2 alimony an allowance paid to wife on divorce
3 bigamy the practice of having two wives or husbands at a time
4 celibacy a state of abstention from marriage
5 concubinage-live-in relationship a man and a woman living without being married
6 misogamist one who hates marriage
7 matrimony a state of being married
8 monogamy the practice of marrying one at a time
9 polygamy the practice of marrying more than one wife at a time
10 polyandry the practice of marrying more than one husband at a time
11 spinister an older woman who is not married

One Words Denoting Time Period

One Word Substitutions Denoting Time Period
1 annual happening once in a years
2 biennial happening in two years
3 triennial happening in three years
4 quadrennial happening in four years
5 quinquennial happening in five years
6 decennial happening in ten years
7 semicentennial 50th anniversary
8 Centennial 100th anniversary (Centenary)
9 sesquicentennial 150th anniversary
10 bicentennial 200th anniversary (bicentenary)
11 tricentennial(tercentenary) 300th anniversary
12 Tetra centennial 400th anniversary
13 penta centennial 500th anniversary
14 sexagenarian one who is in sixties
15 septuagenarian one who is in seventies
16 octogenarian one who is in eighties
17 nonagenarian one who is in nineties
18 centenarian one who is hundred years old
19 century a period of hundred years
20 millennium a period of 1000 years


One Words Denoting Young ones

One Words Denoting Young ones
S.No. Adult Young-One
1. Ass Foal
2. Bird Nestling
3. Butterfly,Moth Caterpillar
4. Cat Kitten
5. Cock Cockerel
6. Cow Calf
7. Cow Heifer
8. Deer Fawn
9. Dog Puppy
10. Duck Duckling
11. Eagle Eaglet
12. Elephant Calf
13, Fowl Chicken
14. Frog (Toad) Tadpole
15. Goat Kid
16. Goose Gosling
17. Hare Leveret
18 Hen Pullet
19. Horse Foal,colt
20. Lion,Bear,Fox Cub
21. Mare Filly
22. Owl Owlet
23. Pig Piglet
24. Sheep Lamb
25. Stallion (horse) Colt or Foal
26. Swan Cygnet

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