This Day in History on 23 November

The historical events hold a lot of value for aspirants who are sitting for UPSC competitive exams including that of the IAS Exam.

On this page, we will list all historical events that have occurred on 23 November. The students can refer them while preparing for all competitive exams and banking exams.

Important Days

Important Events

1892: Belgium defeated Arabia in Lomani Congo’s war. Nearly three thousand people died in the war.

1904: Third Olympic Games concluded in St. Louis, US.

1924: Edwin Hubble asserted that Andromeda is a galaxy.

1936: Life Magazine was reprinted as a photo magazine.

1946: Six thousand died in a fierce fire in a French naval ship in Hafyong city, Vietnam.

1948: The beseiged garrison of Punch was relieved a full year after its siege. This meant that a firm grip had been established all the way from Pathankot on the major portions of this province.

1955: Occupation of Cocos Islands from England to Australia.

1971: China attended the UN General Assembly for the first time.

1983: Commonwealth summit held in New Delhi for the first time in the country.

1991: Bhaskaracharya Research Institute established at Dhule.

1992: The first IBM Simon smartphone was launched.

1996: Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 is hijacked, then crashes into the Indian Ocean off the coast of Comoros after running out of fuel, killing 125.

2002: G20 conference began in New Delhi.

2006: The US lifted a ban on Russian jet manufacturing company Sukhoi.

2009: Murder of 32 media persons in the Philippines.

Nirad C. Chaudhuri

Birth/Birth Anniversary

0870: Byzantine Emperor Alexander.

1755: Thomas Lord, founder of Lord’s Cricket Ground.

1882: Walchand Hirachand Doshi, an Indian industrialist.

Sathya Sai Baba

1897: Nirad C. Chaudhary, Bengali-English writer.

1900: Durga Das, famous social reformer and journalist, was born.

1908: Sitaram Mahadeo Bapat, teacher and author, was born at Miraj in district Sangli.

1914: Krishan Chander, an Indian Urdu, and Hindi writer.

Geeta Dutt

1919: The first Khilafat Conference was held. Maulvi Fazal-ul-Haq in his presidential address emphasized on enlisting the support of non-Muslims. Gandhi announced to join hands with the Muslims.

1926: Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian guru, and philanthropist.

1930: Geeta Dutt, a prominent Indian playback singer.

Nrisingha Prasad Bhaduri

1933: Rajan Mehra, cricket test umpire for 2 tests from 1986-87, was born at Delhi.

1950: Nrisingha Prasad Bhaduri, Indian indologist, author, and academic

1961: John Santner, founder of Papa John’s Pizza.

1962: Sanjeev Sam Gambhir, an Indian-American scientist, and pioneer of nuclear imaging.

Amruta Khanvilkar

1967: Gary Kirsten, South African cricketer, and Coach.

1968: Shrikant Bhasi, an Indian entrepreneur.

1984: Amruta Khanvilkar, Indian actress and dancer

1986: Naga Chaitanya, an Indian film actor.

1991: Ahmed Shehzad, Pakistani cricketer.

Death/ Death Anniversary

1937: Jagadish Chandra Bose, an Indian biologist, physicist, botanist, and an early writer of science fiction.

1946: Kailasham Tyagraj Paramshiv, famous Kannada dramatist, passed away.

Jagadish Chandra Bose

1970: Yusof bin Ishak, Singapore’s first president.

1979: Merle Oberon, Indian-American actress.

1990: Roald Dahl, a British novelist, short-story writer, poet, screenwriter, and wartime fighter pilot.

1990: Madhavrao Ganesh (Balasaheb Dixit), founder of daily news paper “Turun Bharat”, passed away.

Merle Oberon

1993: Bruno Rossi, Italian-American physicist.

2006: Jesús Blancornelas, co-founder of Zeta Magazine.

2012: Larry Martin Hagman, an American film and television actor, director, and producer.

2015: Douglass North, an American economist.

2018: Robert C. McNair, an American businessman, and philanthropist.

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