This Day in History on 22 November

The historical events hold a lot of value for aspirants who are sitting for UPSC competitive exams including the IAS Exam.

On this page, we will list all historical events that occurred on 22 November. The students can refer to them while preparing for all competitive exams and banking exams.

Important Days

Rajyotsava Day

Important Events

1943: Lebanon became independent from France.

1956: The 16th Olympic Games began in Melbourne, Australia.

1858: Establishment of Denver, Colorado.

1963: US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas (Texas).

1963: Inauguration of the Thumba Indian Missile Launch Center.

1968: The Beatles published The Beatles (The White Album).

1968: The Lok Sabha approved the proposal to change the name of Madras State to Tamil Nadu.

1971: Pakistan violated the Indian air border and air conflict between the two countries begins.

1988: Baba Amte wins U.N. Human Rights Award.

1989: General Election ( 9th) of India begins for Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in 5 states.

1990: Announcement of resignation by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

1991: A tanker carrying flammable chemicals caught fire near Dahanu, killing 61 tribal people on the run.

1997: Diana Hayden of India won the Miss World title.

1998: Controversial writer Taslima Nasrin of Bangladesh surrendered in Dhaka court.

1990: Laloo Prasad Yadav, Bihar CM, wins confidence motion (202-108).

1991: Supreme Court declares Karnataka’s ordinance on Cauvery water dispute as unconstitutional.

1993: Gulshen Ahmed, Himachal Governor, resigns in the wake of an official report that he canvassed for his son in Satna.

1997: Yasser Arafat, President, Palestinian National Authority, laid the foundation stone for Indo-Arab cultural centre at Hyderabad.

1997: Diana Hayden, 24-year-old Mumbai-born Miss India, beat 85 contestants from around the world to be crowned new ‘Miss Universe’ at Mahe in Seychelles.

1999: V. S. Rama Devi and Vishnu Kant Shastri appointed the new Governors of Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh.

1999: A.B.Vajpayee, Prime Minister, expands cabinet as four more ministers join the ministry including Arun Shourie.

2000: Chhota Rajan, Mumbai gangster, escapes from the custody of Thai authorities.

2000: The US sanctioned on Pakistan and Iran.

2002: Hundreds of people were killed in rioting in Nigeria to protest against the holding of the Miss World contest.

2006: India and six other countries of the global consortium entered a historic agreement in Paris to set up a sun-like energy-efficient primary fusion reactor.

2013: Norway’s Magnus Carlsen, 22, became the youngest chess world champion after defeating India’s Viswanathan Anand.

Birth/Birth Anniversary

1830: Jhalkaribai, a woman soldier who played an important role in the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Leo Amery

1864: Rukhmabai, an Indian physician, and feminist.

1872: Meera Behn (Medlin Slade), freedom fighter, was born at England.

1873: Leo Amery, Indian-English journalist and politician, Secretary of State for the Colonies (d. 1955)

1877: John Gamper, founder of FC Barcelona.

1884: Sulaiman Nadvi, a Pakistani historian, writer, and scholar of Islam.

1890: Charles de Gaulle, French president, and general.

1892: Madeleine Slade, also known as Mirabehn, the leader of the Indian Independence Movement.

Mulayam Singh Yadav

1899: Laxman Naik, a tribal civil rights activist of South Odisha in eastern India.

1913: Lakshmi Kant Jha, the eighth Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

1915: Mohandas Gandhi returns to India.

1916: Shanti Ghosh, great revolutionary freedom fighter, was born at Calcutta. She was one of the accused in famous Chargaon ammunition plot and assassination

1926: Arthur Jones, founder of MedX Corporation.

Kartik Aaryan

1928: British King George confined to bed with congested lung; Queen to take over duties.

1939: Mulayam Singh Yadav, Indian politician, 24th Indian Minister of Defence

1948: Saroj Khan, an Indian dance choreographer.

1962: Rajkumar Hirani, an Indian film director, and editor.

Tridha Choudhury

1968: Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of the PHP programming language.

1980: Sean Fanning, founder of Napster.

1984: Scarlett Johansson, an American actress.

1990: Kartik Aaryan, Indian actor

1993: Tridha Choudhury, Indian actress

Death/ Death Anniversary

Asima Chatterjee

1773: Robert Clive, English occupier (India), passed away at the age of 48.

1902: Friedrich Krupp, a German businessman.

1944: Sir Arthur Eddington, an English astronomer.

1963: John F. Kennedy, US President.

P. Govinda Pillai

1963: Aldous Huxley, English writer.

1967: Tara Singh, freedom fighter, Akali Dal leader master and politician, died at Amritsar.

1968: Lok Sabha passed notification to change the name of Madras state as Tamil Nadu.

1980: Mae West, Hollywood actress, and singer.

Robin Stewart

1989: Rajindernath, great Indian wicketkeeper 1 Test and 0 runs 0 ct, 4 stp, passed away.

2000: Dr. Hari Jeevan (H. J. Arnikar), an Indian Atomic chemist.

2001: Mary Kay Ash, an American businesswoman, and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

2002: Govindbhai Shroff, an Indian freedom fighter.

M. Balamuralikrishna

2006: Asima Chatterjee, Indian chemist (b. 1917)

2012: P. Govinda Pillai, Indian journalist and politician (b. 1926)

2015: Robin Stewart, Indian-English actor and game show host (b. 1946)

2016: M. Balamuralikrishna, Indian vocalist and singer (b. 1930)

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