An innovative initiative “Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav” has been planned to promote the direct interface of scientists with the farmers to hasten the lab to land process.

The objective of this scheme is to provide farmers with required information, knowledge and advisories on regular basis by adopting villages.

The participation of small and marginal farmers in Indian agriculture is very important. Small farmers put forth their desire on various forums to have timely information on investment in agriculture, loans, availability of other basic amenities, market rates, extension activities and facilities provided by different agencies, new research findings and technologies, etc.
Presently, various agencies are working in agriculture and farmers are keen to know about the services provided by them. The technologies developed and refined by Research Institutes, Agricultural Universities, private and other organisations are accepted and adopted to various extent by farming community.

Therefore, the awareness among farmers about the organisations and their programmes need to be created on regular basis.


Under this scheme, scientists will select villages as per their convenience and will remain in touch with the selected villages and provide information to the farmers on technical and other related aspects in a time frame through personal visits or on telephone.