The time from the 8th to the 12th century is known as the Medieval Period. It is again divided into two periods- The early Medieval period and the later medieval period.

Medieval India is the phase of the Indian subcontinent between the ancient period and the modern period. This phase can be related to the time period between the 6th century and 16th century.

Foreign Travellers in Medieval India

Early Medieval India

  • Prithvi Raj Chauhan
  • The Pratiharas
  • Social and Cultural Development during Rajput Dynasty
  • The Rashtrakutas
  • The Palas
  • Rajput Dynasties
  • Kannauj after Harsha
  • The Senas of Bengal
  • The Gahadavals/Rathors of Kannauj
  • Chahamans or Chauhanas of Shakambhari
  • The Kalachuri’s of Tripuri
  • Chandellas of Bundelkhand
  • Karkota Dynasty
  • Utpala Dynasty
  • Kingdoms of Kashmir after Utpalas
  • Ride of Lohara Dynasty
  • Arab conquest of Sindh

Chola Empire
The Turkish conquest of India

The Rise of Rajput

  • The Chandela of Bundelkhand
  • The Origin of Rajputs

Emergence of Provincial kingdoms

  • Architecture and Literature during Vijayanagara Empire
  • The Bahmani Kingdom

Delhi Sultanate

  • Mahmud Ghaznavi: Why did he attack 17 times on India?
  • Delhi Sultanate: Jalal ud din Khilji and Alauddin Khilji (Khilji Dynasty)
  • Economic Policy and Administration under Khilji Dynasty
  • Razia Sultan: The First Women Ruler of India
  • Bahlul Lodhi
  • Causes of the Downfall of the Lodhi Dynasty
  • Administration in Delhi Sultanate
  • Firoz Shah Tuglaq
  • Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq: The First Emperor of the Tughlaq Dynasty
  • Qutb-ud-Din Mubarak Shah Khilji
  • Muhammad Bin Tughlaq: Key Facts and Reforms
  • Smaller Kingdoms during Sultanate Era
  • Sayyid Dynasty: List of Rulers
  • Sikandar Lodi: Administration and Achievements
  • Economic Conditions during Delhi Sultanate
  • Ibn Battuta’s Memoir on Tughlaq Dynasty
  • Invasion of Timur on India: Causes and Consequences
  • Sufi Movement in India: A Detailed Summary

Mughal Empire

  • Akbar the Great
  • Nasin al Din Muḥammad (Humayun)
  • Ibrahim Lodi
  • Jehangir
  • Shahabuddin Muhammad Shah Jahan
  • Aurangzeb -Emperor of Mughal India
  • Babur (Zahir-ud-din Muhammad)
  • Cultural Development during Mughal Era
  • The Sur Empire
  • Mughal Administration: Key Features & Structure
  • Mughal Empire: Contribution in Arts and Architecture
  • List of the Great Mughal Emperors of India

Maratha Empire

Southern Dynasties


Bahamani Kingdom

Religious Movements during the Medieval Period