Indian Constitution: Parts – XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XIVA, XV & XVI

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Part XI : Relations Between The Union And The States (245 – 263)

Chapter I : Legislative Relations
Distribution of Legislative Powers
245Extent of laws made by Parliament and by the Legislatures of States.
246Subject-matter of laws made by Parliament and by the Legislatures of States.
247Power of Parliament to provide for the establishment of certain additional courts.
248Residuary powers of legislation.
249Power of Parliament to legislate with respect to a matter in the State List in the national interest.
250.Power of Parliament to legislate with respect to any matter in the State List if a Proclamation of Emergency is in operation
251Inconsistency between laws made by Parliament under articles 249 and 250 and laws made by the Legislatures of States.
252Power of Parliament to legislate for two or more States by consent and adoption of such legislation by any other State.
253Legislation for giving effect to international agreements.
254Inconsistency between laws made by Parliament and laws made by the Legislatures of States.
255Requirements as to recommendations and previous sanctions to be regarded as matters of procedure only.
 Chapter II : Administrative Relations
256Obligation of States and the Union.
257Control of the Union over States in certain cases.
258Power of the Union to confer powers, etc., on States in certain cases.
258APower of the States to entrust functions to the Union.
260Jurisdiction of the Union in relation to territories outside India.
261Public acts, records and judicial proceedings.
Disputes relating to Waters
262Adjudication of disputes relating to waters of inter-State rivers or river valleys.Co-ordination between States
263Provisions with respect to an inter-State Council.

Part XII : Finance, Property, Contracts And Suits (264 – 300A)

Chapter I : Finance
265Taxes not to be imposed save by authority of law.
266Consolidated Funds and public accounts of India and of the States.
267Contingency Fund.
Distribution of Revenues between the Union and the States
268Duties levied by the Union but collected and appropriated by the State.
269Taxes levied and collected by the Union but assigned to the States.
270Taxes levied and distributed between the Union and the States.
271Surcharge on certain duties and taxes for purposes of the Union.
273Grants in lieu of export duty on jute and jute products.
274.Prior recommendation of President required to Bills affecting taxation in which States are interested
275Grants from the Union to certain States.
276Taxes on professions, trades, callings and employments.
279Calculation of “net proceeds”, etc.
280Finance Commission.
281Recommendations of the Finance Commission.
Miscellaneous financial provisions
282Expenditure defrayable by the Union or a State out of its revenues.
283Custody, etc., of Consolidated Funds, Contingency Funds and moneys credited to the public accounts.
284Custody of suitors’ deposits and other moneys received by public servants and courts.
285Exemption of property of the Union from State taxation.
286Restrictions as to imposition of tax on the sale or purchase of goods.
287Exemption from taxes on electricity.
288Exemption from taxation by States in respect of water or electricity in certain cases.
289Exemption of property and income of a State from Union taxation.
290Adjustment in respect of certain expenses and pensions.
290AAnnual payment to certain Devaswom Funds.
Chapter II : Borrowing
292Borrowing by the Government of India.
293Borrowing by States.
Chapter III : Property, Contracts, Rights, Liabilities, Obligations And Suits
294Succession to property, assets, rights, liabilities and obligations in certain cases.
295Succession to property, assets, rights, liabilities and obligations in other cases.
296Property accruing by escheat or laps or as bona vacantia.
297Things of value within territorial waters or continental shelf and resources of the exclusive economic zone to vest in the Union.
298Power to carry on trade, etc.
300Suits and proceedings
Chapter IV : Right To Property
300APersons not to be deprived of property save by authority of law.

Part XIII : Trade, Commerce And Intercourse Within The Territory Of India (301 – 307)

301.Freedom of trade, commerce and intercourse
302Power of Parliament to impose restrictions on trade, commerce and intercourse.
303Restrictions on the legislative powers of the Union and of the States with regard to trade and commerce.
304Restrictions on trade, commerce and intercourse among States.
305Saving of existing laws and laws providing for State monopolies.
307Appointment of authority for carrying out the purposes of articles 301 to 304

Part XIV : Services Under The Union And The States (308 – 323)

Chapter I : Services
309Recruitment and conditions of service of persons serving the Union or a State.
310Tenure of office of persons serving the Union or a State.
311Dismissal, removal or reduction in rank of persons employed in civil capacities under the Union or a State.
312All-India services.
312APower of Parliament to vary or revoke conditions of service of officers of certain services.
313Transitional provisions
Chapter II : Public Service Commisions
315Public Service Commissions for the Union and for the States.
316Appointment and term of office of members.
317Removal and suspension of a member of a Public Service Commission.
318Power to make regulations as to conditions of service of members and staff of the Commission.
319Prohibition as to the holding of offices by members of Commission on ceasing to be such members.
320Functions of Public Service Commissions.
321Power to extend functions of Public Service Commissions.
322Expenses of Public Service Commissions.
323Reports of Public Service Commissions.

Part XIVA : Tribunals (323A – 323B)

323AAdministrative tribunals
323BTribunals for other matters

Part XV : Elections (324 – 329)

324Superintendence, direction and control of elections to be vested in an Election Commission.
325No person to be ineligible for inclusion in, or to claim to be included in a special, electoral roll on grounds of religion, race, caste or sex.
326Elections to the House of the People and to the Legislative Assemblies of States to be on the basis of adult suffrage.
327Power of Parliament to make provision with respect to elections to Legislatures.
328Power of Legislature of a State to make provision with respect to elections to such Legislature.
329Bar to interference by courts in electoral matters.

Part XVI : Special Provisions Relating To Certain Classes (330 – 342)

330Reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the House of the People.
331Representation of the Anglo-Indian community in the House of the People.
332Reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the Legislative Assemblies of the States.
333Representation of the Anglo-Indian community in the Legislative Assemblies of the States.
334Reservation of seats and special representation to cease after sixty years.
335Claims of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to services and posts.
336Special provision for Anglo-Indian community in certain services.
337Special provision with respect to educational grants for the benefit of Anglo-Indian Community.
338National Commission for Scheduled Castes.
338ANational Commission for Scheduled Tribes.
339Control of the Union over the Administration of Scheduled Areas and the welfare of Scheduled Tribes
340Appointment of a Commission to investigate the conditions of backward classes.
341Scheduled Castes.
342Scheduled Tribes.

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