Competitive Excellence Centre
Competitive Excellence Centre

The journey of success is not easy but seems very interesting to them who are confident and responsible for their birth as a human being. There is no place or field without a struggle, somewhere extremely tough somewhere a bit easier but, the struggle is an integral part of a successfully lived life. There are lives in different forms and status but becoming an ideal for the entire contemporary world and all the fore-coming generations makes a simple life, a legend. Everyone is born and destined to die a day for sure but, very few of them live even after their death.

Head Office:- Khanda Colony, New Panvel West, Navi Mumbai
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Pincode: 410206
Mobile : 9594313743, 8898119501, 9869850573, 8452937554
Email: [email protected]


Competitive Excellence Centre provides coaching for:
UPSC Civil Services Exam
RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) RTCG Exam
Bank Exams Bank Clerical Exam, Bank PO Exam, SBI PO Exam