SABLA is a centrally sponsored scheme to empower adolescent girls of 11-18 years and it is implemented through the State Governments/UTs.

Objectives: Enable the adolescent girls for self-development and empowerment, Improve their nutrition and health status, Promote awareness about health, hygiene, nutrition, adolescent reproductive and sexual health (arsh) and family and child care and to educate,
skill and make them ready for life’s challenges.

It provides an integrated package of services such as

  1. Nutrition provision
  2. Iron and Folic Acid (IFA) supplementation
  3. Health check-up and Referral services
  4. Nutrition & Health Education (NHE)
  5. Counseling/Guidance on family welfare, Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH) , child care practices and home management
  6. Life Skill Education and accessing public services
  7. Vocational training for girls aged 16 and above under National Skill Development Program (NSDP)

    All Components except nutrition provision will get 100% financial assistance from the Central Government. The nutrition provision will be funded by Central government up to the extent of 50%.