On This Day 29 February

Important Days

Important Events

1996 – Faucett Flight 251 crashes in the Andes; all 123 passengers and crew die.
1996 – Siege of Sarajevo officially ends.
2000 – Second Chechen War: Eighty-four Russian paratroopers are killed in a rebel attack on a guard post near Ulus Kert.
2004 – Jean-Bertrand Aristide is removed as President of Haiti following a coup.
2008 – The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence decides to withdraw Prince Harry from a tour of Afghanistan “immediately” after a leak led to his deployment being reported by foreign media.
2008 – Misha Defonseca admits to fabricating her memoir, Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years, in which she claimed to have lived with a pack of wolves in the woods during the Holocaust.
2012 – Tokyo Skytree construction completed. It is the tallest tower in the world, 634 meters high, and second tallest artificial structure on Earth, next to Burj Khalifa.

Birth/Birth Anniversary

1896 – Morarji Desai, Indian civil servant and politician, 4th Prime Minister of India (d. 1995)

1984 – Adam Sinclair, Indian field hockey player

1996 – Nelson Asofa-Solomona, New Zealand rugby league player

1996 – Reece Prescod, British sprinter

1996 – Claudia Williams, New Zealand tennis player

2000 – Ferran Torres, Spanish footballer

Death/ Death Anniversary

P. K. Narayana Panicker, Indian social leader (b. 1930)