This Day in History on 27 November

The historical events hold a lot of value for aspirants who are sitting for UPSC competitive exams including the IAS Exam.

On this page, we will list all historical events that occurred on 27 November. The students can refer to them while preparing for all competitive exams and banking exams.

Important Days

Important Events

1001: Mahmud Ghazni defeated the Hindu Shahi ruler Jaipal.

1795: First Bengali drama staged.

1807: Portugal’s royal family left Lisbon in fear of Napoleon’s army.

1815: Poland adopted a new constitution.

1839: Establishment of American Statistical Association in Boston, Massachusetts.

1895: Alfred Nobel established the Nobel Prize.

1944: In World War II, An explosion at the Royal Air Force’s Staffordshire arsenal killed 70 people.

1995: Thombrinase, discovered by scientists at the Vector Control Research Center in Pondicherry, became the best heart medicine to date.

2016: Nico Rosberg became the 2016 Formula 1 champion.

Jatindramohan Bagchi

Birth/Birth Anniversary

1701: Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer, and researcher.

1857: Sir Charles Sherrington, a British biochemist, and Nobel laureate.

1870: Dattatreya Balwant Parasnis, famous history researcher and collector of historical items, was born.

Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar

1871: Giovanni Georgian, an Italian physicist.

1874: Chaim Weizmann, Israel first president.

1878: Jatindramohan Bagchi, a Bengali poet, and editor.

1881: Kashi Prasad Jayaswal, an Indian historian, and lawyer.

1888: Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar, the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

1894: Konosuke Matsushita, Japanese industrialist, founder of Panasonic.

Harivansh Rai Bachchan

1903: Lars Onsager, a Norwegian chemist, and Nobel laureate.

1907: Harivansh Rai Bachchan, the famous Hindi writer.

1909: Anatoly Maltsev, a Russian mathematician.

1940: Bruce Lee, Hong Kong-American actor, and martial arts expert.

Bappi Lahiri

1947: Kartikeya Vikram Sarabhai, one of the world’s leading environmental educators, and a dedicated community builder.

1952: Bappi Lahiri, Indian singer-songwriter, and producer.

1955: Bill Nye, an American science communicator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer.

Suresh Raina

1977: Bhushan Kumar, an Indian film producer, music producer, and chairman and managing director of T-Series.

1977: Udayanidhi Stalin, an Indian politician, film producer, and actor.

1986: Suresh Raina, an Indian former international cricketer.

Death/ Death Anniversary

Shivmangal Singh

1754: Abraham de Moivre, a French mathematician.

1967: Leon Mebiame, Gabon’s first president.

1975: Ross McWhirter, Co-founder of Guinness Book of Records.

2002: Shivmangal Singh ‘Suman‘, a Hindi poet.

V. P. Singh

2007: Robert Cade, American physician, university professor, research scientist, and inventor. He is the co-founder of Gatorade.

2008: V. P. Singh, the 8th Prime Minister of India.

2014: Phillip Hughes, an Australian International cricketer.

2018: Mohammad Aziz, an Indian multilingual playback singer.

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