This Day in History on 19 January

The historical events hold a lot of value for aspirants who are sitting for UPSC competitive exams including the IAS Exam.

On this page, we will list all historical events that occurred on 19 January. The students can refer to them while preparing for all competitive exams and banking exams.

Important Days

National Sanctity of Human Life Day

Kokborok Day (Tripura, India)

Kokborok Day, also known as the Tripuri Language Day is annually celebrated across the Indian State of Tripura on 19th January with an aim to develop the Kokborok Language.

Important Events

1839: The British East India Company captures Aden.

1907: Mohammad Ali Mirza was crowned as the “Shah-E-Iran” in a grand function held in Royal Palace, Tehran. This coronation was performed on the precious throne “Thakt-E-Taus” which was made by Emperor Shahjahan, and was taken away from India during the invasion of Nadir Shah in 1738 AD.

1927: The British Government decided to send its army to China.

1927: The British Government decided to send its army to China.

1931: The first Round Table Conference held in London ended. This conference was attended by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar also.

1938: General Motors began mass production of diesel engines.

1942: Japan’s army invaded Burma.

1948: India and Pakistan accept U.N. mediation in New York.

1949: Caribbean country Cuba recognized Israel.

1956: Presidential Ordinance promulgated the nationalization of all insurance companies in India.

1966: Indira Gandhi had elected as the fourth Prime Minister of India. Indira Gandhi elected leader of the Congress party to succeed the late Lal Bahadur Shastri as the third Prime Minister of India. She pledged to follow path of Non-Alignment in worlds affairs.

1968: First successful heart transplant surgery. Performed by Christopher Bernard.

1986: The first computer virus called the (c) brain began to spread.

1987: Narain Dutt Ojha made some sort of a record at the residence of the Chief Justice of India when he was sworn in as a Judge of Supreme Court at 10.00 p.m.

1990: Turning point in the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus from Indian-administrated Kashmir due to violence from Muslim militants. (19 January 1990 is widely known by Kashmiri Hindus as “Exodus Day”, in memory of the Kashmiri Hindus who were either killed or forced out of Kashmir.)

2005: Sania Mirza became the first Indian woman to reach the third round of lawn tennis in the Australia Open.

2006: NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft launched to Pluto.

Birth/Birth Anniversary

1736: James Watt, a Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer, and chemist.

1798: Auguste Comte, a French philosopher, and writer.

1809: Edgar Allan Poe, an American writer, poet, editor, and literary critic.

1834: Shrimant Jayajirao Scindia, King of the Scindia dynasty of the Marathas.

1853: Madhusudan Rao, an Odia poet, and writer from India. 

1855: G. Subramania Iyer, a leading Indian journalist, social reformer, and freedom fighter who founded ‘The Hindu’ English newspaper.

1882: Brij Narayan Chakbast, an Indian Urdu poet.

Karun Chandhok, Indian race car driver
Karun Chandhok, Indian race car driver

1886: Pandit Sawai Gandharva, a popular Hindustani Classical vocalist from Karnataka.

1892: Chintaman Vinayak Joshi, famous Marathi comedy writer, was born.

1910: Vinayak Damodar Karnaki (Master Vinayak), famous Marathi actor, director and producer, was born.

1911: Choor Singh, Indian-Singaporean lawyer and judge (d. 2009)

1919: Dharam Singh, field hockey player for Indian Team at Olympics-1964-Gold Winner, was born.

1919: Omprakash Mehra, former Indian Air Chief Marshal and former Governor of Maharashtra, was born.

1932: Balgovind Jaiswal, educationist and author, was born at Mhow.

1935: Soumitra Chatterjee, an Indian film actor, director, playwright, writer and poet.

1984: Karun Chandhok, Indian race car driver

Debendranath Tagore, Indian philosopher and author
Debendranath Tagore, Indian philosopher and author

Death/ Death Anniversary

1045: Taimurlang passed away.

1597: Maharana Pratap, the 13th king of Mewar.

1905: Maharshi Debendranath Tagore, a Hindu philosopher and religious reformer, was active in the Brahmo Samaj. 

1951: Amritlal Vithaldas Thakkar (Thakkarbappa), social reformer of Gujrat and right hand of Gandhiji in socially segregated Harijans, passed away.

1960: Ramchandra Gopal (Dadasaheb Torne), famous film director, passed away.

1963: Kuladhor Chaliha, one of the pioneer Congress leaders of Assam, passed away.

1976: C. V. Bawdekar, famous journalist, died.

1990: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh – Osho, an Indian godman, mystic, and founder of the Rajneesh movement. He  died in Pune at the age of 58 years. He will be remembered as a great orator and for founding of Rajnishpuram in USA.

1992: Manvendra Mukherji, famous singer and music director, passed away.

1996: Upendranath ‘Ashk’, noted Hindi literary figure known for his disputed writings, passed away.

2000: M. A. Chidambaram, an Indian industrialist and cricket administrator and chairman of the MAC Group, died in Chennai.

2000: Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian-American actress, inventor, and film producer.

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