Objectives –

  1. To provide cost effective and equitable AYUSH health care.
  2. To revitalize and strengthen the AYUSH systems
  3. To improve educational institutions capable of imparting quality AYUSH education
  4. To promote the adoption of Quality standards of AYUSH drugs and making available
    the sustained supply of AYUSH raw-materials.

    Beneficiaries – Patients due to low cost medicine and increased access. Components of the Mission –

    Mandatory Components (80% of the Resource pool)

  1. AYUSH Services
  2. Ayush Educational institutions
  3. Quality control of ASU &H Drugs
  4. Medicinal Plants

    Flexible components (20% of resource pool)

  1. Ayush Wellness centres including yoga & Naturopathy
  2. IEC activities
  3. Tele-medicine
  4. Sports Medicine through AYUSH
  5. Innovations in AYUSH including Public Private Partnership
  6. Interest subsidy component for Private AYUSH educational Institutions
  7. Reimbursement of Testing charges
  8. Research & Development in areas related to Medicinal Plants
  9. Market Promotion, Market intelligence & buy back interventions
  10. Crop Insurance for Medicinal Plants
  11. Voluntary certification scheme: Project based.

    The resource allocation to the States/UTs is proposed on the basis of population, backwardness and performance of the State/UT.

    Dedicated MIS monitoring and evaluation cell would be established at Centre/State level.

    Grant-in Aid will be transferred through treasury route to State Governments which in turn will transfer the funds to the State AYUSH Society along with State Share