Takshasila IAS Academy
Takshasila IAS Academy

When we conceived the idea to start an institute for the Civil Services Aspirants, we thought it was best to name it after one of the greatest universities of India- the University of Takshasila. Takshasila, associated with numerous scholars of international repute- including, Chanakya who prepped Chandragupta Maurya himself in the task of building the first great empire of India and penned down the Arthashastra that continues to be relevant to administration to this day, is a constant source of inspiration to achieve greater heights in preparing aspirants for the arduous task ahead of them.

Our institute bases its work on the tenets of perseverance, hard work, and courage. We wish to inculcate these tenets in our students. Also, we wish to put them on a continuum of inspiration, motivation, and good conscience. With our motto “Be brave and work hard”, we intend to set up the brightest minds of Andhra Pradesh onto a path of unending success in the field of administration. In this endeavour, we intend to use innovative pedagogy and cutting edge technology.

Nirmala Convent Road, Benz Circle
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Pincode: 520010
Phone : 0866-6888689
Mobile : 9030088689
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://takshasilaias.com/


Takshasila IAS Academy provides coaching for:
UPSC Civil Services Exam