Lakshya Defence Academy
Lakshya Defence Academy

Lakshya Defence Academy (LDA) is an institution designed to impart specialized training to young aspirants, boys & girls, who wish to join the belt forces. This is probably the only institution in India which provides training both for officer entries and soldier entries under one roof. The training is focused on physical fitness, academic excellence & behavioral patterns required during soldier recruitments, officer written tests and SSB interviews respectively. Being a venture run by a senior Army Officer, Personality DevelopmentLeadership Qualities and English Speaking Skills are inbuilt into the curriculum. Highest standards, akin to Armed Forces, are maintained in the Academy through dedicated, sincere & hard working faculty consisting of retired Army officers, JCOs, NCOs, and civil staff.

Our Vision is to ensure 100 percent result and achieve excellence by providing a powerful platform for quality education and training to the youth keen on joining belt forces.

We Aim at striving for nothing but the best in training candidates, by a judicious blend of conceptual and practical experiences, thereby ensuring greater success level commensurate with our desired objectives.

Karan Nagar, Amphalla, Opp. Ved Mandir
Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir
Mobile : 9797519939, 9796468555
Email: [email protected]


Lakshya Defence Academy – LDA provides coaching for: