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Civil Service is the permanent structure responsible for carrying out the administration of the country. This service runs under the direction and control of ‘elected representatives’ of people and in accordance with the rules and principles. In India, civil service system is an executive branch of the Republic of India and functions like the backbone of the administrative machinery of the country. The primary function of the Civil Service is to implement policies and delivering services.

Over 10 lakh students apply for the UPSC civil services exam every year, of which only about 5 lakhs appear for the prelims exam. So drop out is about 50% even before writing the exam. Among these 5 lakh candidates only 10-15 thousand qualify for the mains. Only about 2500 or less candidates qualify for the mains depending upon the vacancies. After that based on teh combined marks of mains and interview only about 1,000 selections happen every year. From this, about 180 IAS officers are selected, once again based on vacancies. The rest are alloted other civil services as per their rank and choice.

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