At the Calcutta session of the Congress in December 1906, the Extremists wanted either Tilak or Lajpat Rai as the president, while the Moderates proposed the name of Dadabhai Naoroji, who was widely respected by all the nationalists. Finally, Dadabhai Naoroji was elected as the president.

The goal of the Indian National Congress was defined as swarajya or self-government like the United Kingdom or the colonies’.

The word swaraj was mentioned for the first time, but its connotation was not spelt out, which left the field open for differing interpretations by the Moderates and the Extremists.

The Moderates, encouraged by the news of council reforms, decided to tone down the Calcutta programme.


Who presided over the Calcutta session of Congress in 1906?

Dada Bhai naoroji headed the session of Congress in 1906 at Calcutta.

Why was the Calcutta session of the Congress in 1906 important?

Calcutta session of 1906, under the leadership of Dadabhai Naoroji, Congress adopted ‘Swaraj’ as the Goal of Indian people.

Who demanded Swaraj first in 1906?

Swaraj was first articulated, in the presidential address of Dadabhai Naoroji, as the Congress’s goal at its Calcutta session in 1906.