Assistant Legal (Non-Gazetted), General State Services, Gr.B.Syllabus

Fundamental laws

  1. Constitutional law.
  2. Protection of Human Rights Act.
  3. Administrative Law.
  4. Transfer of Property.
  5. Specific Relief.
  6. Indian Penal Code.
  7. Land Acquisition Act.
  8. Maharashtra Land Revenue Code.
  9. Contract Act.
  10. Prevention of Corruption Act.
  11. Motor Vehicles Act.
  12. Indian Forests Act.
  13. Wildlife Protection Act.
  14. Prevention of Immoral Traffic Act.
  15. Prenatal Diagnostic Act.
  16. Environment Protection Act.
  17. Air and Water Act.

Procedural Law

  1. Civil Procedure Code.
  2. Criminal Procedure Code.
  3. Evidence Act.
  4. High Court (Original Side) Rules.
  5. High Court (Appellate Side) Rules.
  6. Limitation Act.
  7. Presidency Small Causes Act.
  8. Notaries Act.

Situational Laws (Recent case laws and trends)

  1. Recent cases decided by the Supreme Court of public importance.
  2. Public Interest Litigation, Legal Aid, Lok Adalat.
  3. Recent legislations relating to women, children and weaker sections.