Born: 1487; Kingdom of Portugal
Died:1539; Cape of Good Hope
OfficeGovernor of Portuguese possessions in India from 1529 to 1538

Nino da Cunha assumed the office as the governor in November 1529 and almost one year later shifted the headquarters of the Portuguese government in India from Cochin to Goa.

Bahadur Shah’s relations with the Portuguese became sour when Humayun withdrew from Gujarat in 1536.

Bahadur Shah wanted to raise a wall of partition. Opposing this, the Portuguese started negotiations, in the course of which the ruler of Gujarat was invited to a Portuguese ship and killed in 1537.

Hence, The Portuguese acquired several territories from the Sultans of Gujarat: Daman (occupied 1531, formally ceded 1539); Salsette, Bombay, and Baçaim (occupied 1534); and Diu (ceded 1535).

Da Cunha also attempted to increase Portuguese influence in Bengal by settling many Portuguese nationals there with Hooghly as their headquarters.


Who was Nino da Cunha?

Nuno da Cunha (c. 1487 – March 5, 1539) was a Portuguese admiral who was governor of Portuguese possessions in India from 1529 to 1538.

Who shifted the Portuguese capital from Cochin to Goa?

Nino de Cunha