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On this page, we have listed important articles from various newspapers including The Hindu, Indian Express, Financial Express, PIB for date 28 March 2017. The students are advised to go through these articles in details.

The Hindu

Front Page

SC counters push for Aadhaar {Judicial System}
Private weather forecaster sees below normal monsoon {Geography}


Find alternatives to pellet guns: SC {Judicial System}
Naidu launches Online Film Certification System {Art & Culture}


China nominates Tai Chi for UNESCO list {Global groupings}
‘India disproportionately benefits from H-1B scheme’ {International Relations}


Giving short shrift to children’s rights  {Rights Issues}
My songs, my royalties {Art & Culture}
Turning the clock back {Indian Economy}
Reclaiming public spaces {Rights Issues}
Powered by a pause {International Relations}
Trust the EVMs {Political System}
The mistrust of science {Science and Technology}
More than just words {Education}


India will cross $2 bn. this year {Economic Development}

Indian Express

Front Page 

Govt can make Aadhaar mandatory in non-benefit services: Supreme Court {Public Policy}
SC on J&K: Consider options other than pellet guns in Valley {Judicial System}

Express Network

New System Comes Into Effect On April 1: CBFC to start online certification system for films {Art & Culture}


Meat of the matter {Public Policy}
Martyr to no god {Political System}
Lateral tactics {International Politics}
The Message Is The Medium {Science and Technology}
Oh Romeo, Romeo {Public Policy}

The Idea Page 

Raja Mandala: Neighbourhood defence {International Relations}
Hindutva’s history rewrite {Rights Issues}
Halting the welfare state {Indian Economy}


GST Bills in Lok Sabha: Centre to get higher share in residual compensation fund {Public Policy}

PIB (Press India Bureau)


Financial Express

Front Page

Strapped for cash, Snapdeal is latest in e-commerce segment to give up office space {Economic Development}
Edits & Columns News
Even as US rakes-up solar energy row with India, world panel producers eye market here for future business {Sustainable Development}
India to have 2nd largest road network by end FY16; CSIR-CRRI to prepare path-map for pedestrians {Infrastructure}
Aadhaar will soon get status similar to US’s Social Security number {Public Policy}

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