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On this page, we have listed important articles from various newspapers including The Hindu, Indian Express, Financial Express, PIB for date 23 March 2017. The students are advised to go through these articles in details.

The Hindu

Front Page

Four dead after terror attack outside U.K. Parliament {Terrorism}


Jaitley strongly defends PAN-Aadhaar link {Public Policy}
An ancient way to keep Buddhist texts alive {Art & Culture}


New platform seeks to unify Hindus in U.S. {International Relations}
China reaches out to West Asia {International Relations}


Conditioned Reflex / Psychology
Way to get back on board {International Relations}
The many shades of happiness {Ethics}
Breathing life into health care  {Health issue}
Remembering Anil Divan {Constitutional issues}
Superpower dreams  {Indian Economy}
Russian connection  {International Relations}
Our love of voyeurism  {Role of media}
Remembering 1971 {International Politics}


Bankruptcy board spells out ‘eligibility’ {Banking Sector}

Indian Express

Front Page 

Ken-Betwa impact: Expert who asked for more studies quits green panel {Geography}, {Ecology}

Express Network

Finance minister Arun Jaitley counters critique: ‘Yes, we are’ making Aadhaar mandatory’ {Public Policy}
Kerala to bring study plan for transgenders {Rights Issues}
Avoid use of Tricolour made of plastic: Centre {Rights Issues}


A New Bharat  {Indian Politics}
Turn searchlight inward  {Indian Politics}
World Poetry Day {Art & Culture}
Sultan Erdogan {International Politics}
A sea change {Ecology}, {Governance}

The Idea Page 

A half cure {Health issue}, {Public Policy}
The duty to practise tolerance {Constitutional issues}


India can grow over 7-8% if global situation improves, says Arun Jaitley {Indian Economy}

PIB (Press India Bureau)

Financial Express

Front Page

Infrastructure: NHAI lines up massive Rs 5.35 lakh cr expenditure plan {Infrastructure}

Economy News

Waging war against tax evasion: Finance minister Arun Jaitley {Indian Economy}
What helped India Inc fight demonetisation effect? Find out here  {Economic Development}

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