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On this page, we have listed important articles from various newspapers including The Hindu, Indian Express, Financial Express, PIB for date 20 Feb 2017. The students are advised to go through these articles in details.

The Hindu

Front Page

Development is my priority: U.P. CM {Political System}
Delhi traffic situation alarming: panel {Environment}


‘Old, new architecture should co-exist for a city’s survival’ {Art & Culture}
Scientists discover five new sub-atomic particles {Science and Technology}


Korea tests powerful rocket engine {International Relations}, {Science and Technology}


The Yogi and the magic of numbers  {Indian Politics}
Of deras, dynasties, and drugs  {Indian Politics}
The making of a Sultan  {International Politics}
The heckler’s veto {Judicial System}
Last gasp tasks {Indian Economy}
Wag the dog  {Indian Politics}
Talent, not tokenism {Art & Culture}
Not warring, just working {International Politics}


The call for a large safety net {Security}

Indian Express

Front Page 

Need culture of settling disputes amicably outside courts: SC judge {Judicial System}

Express Network

Delhi confidential: Guests in Pink {Role of women}


None For The Road {Public Policy}
The Lucknow choice {Indian Politics}
Yogic madness {Indian Politics}
The fifth province {International Relations}

The Idea Page 

A slogan moved a mountain   {Indian Politics}
When the twain don’t meet  {Education}
A defeat foretold {Ethics}


Bureaucratic maze: 3 public sector insurance firms remain headless {Governance}

PIB (Press India Bureau)


Financial Express

Front Page

Infrastructure: Narendra Modi government eyes Rs 50,000 cr from funds via toll-operate-transfer mode for NHAI {Infrastructure}
After 7th Pay Commission payment, now 12 lakh CPSE staff to get Rs 20,000 cr windfall wages in 2017-18  {Indian Economy}

Edits & Columns News

 Economic growth post-demonetisation: Increase in nominal GDP must be celebrated with caution {Economic Development}
Global warming: Humans responsible for 60% loss of sea ice, study shows {Environment}
MGNREGA lesson for universal basic income: Once introduced, there’s no going back {Public Policy}
Artificial Intelligence may well define the world of technology going forward; here’s how {Ethics}

FE Special News

Smart cities in India: GIFT City raises the bar for infrastructure creation {Development and Employment}

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