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On this page, we have listed important articles from various newspapers including The Hindu, Indian Express, Financial Express, PIB for date 16 April 2017. The students are advised to go through these articles in details.

The Hindu

Front Page

Hacked: How $171 mn stolen from Union Bank was recovered {Security}


Kulbhushan Jadhav Indian ‘agent’ in Pakistan {International Relations}
The lowdown on the Goods and Services Tax {Indian Economy}


UN to cut food aid for Nigeria crisis as funding falls short {Global groupings}
‘Military strategy alone won’t solve Afghan crisis’ {International Relations}


The heart of the matter  {Science and Technology}
The roots of Indian racism  {Social issue}
We first need a uniform criminal code {Social issue}
Coping with bereavement {Health issue}
For a cow reservation bill {Social issue}
The house that Dara Shukoh built  {Indian history}
A healthy nudge {Health issue}


Centre to promote use of technical textiles  {Public Policy}
‘ Liquor ban to affect 30% elite hotels’ {Public Policy}

Sci-Tech & Agri

Indians use origami to get a closer look at beauty  Health issue}
Talwar’s talwar against leprosy, TB and cancer  Health issue}
IISc makes two potent molecules to fight TB  Health issue}
Not just a love hormone {Science and Technology}

Indian Express

Front Page 

In Valley’s polarised battlefield, phone is weapon, video ammo {Security}

Express Network

The python hunters {Bio-diversity}

The Idea Page 

Gained in Translation: Life lessons for my students {Education}
Across the aisle: Kashmir is sliding into disaster {Security}
Fifth column: Parivartan of the wrong kind {Indian Politics}
Inside Track: Missing ministers  {International Relations}
Out of my mind: Kaun banega Rashtrapati?  {Indian Politics}


Goods and Services Tax: CBEC sanctions fund to educate taxpayers {Indian Economy}

PIB (Press India Bureau)


Financial Express

Front Page

Companies find a DIY way to hire right talent {Development and Employment}

Edits & Columns News

Inside Track: Coomi Kapoor {International Relations}
Not carrying a flag for indie projects… lot of casual acting being passed off as realistic now, says Nawazuddin Siddiqui {Art & Culture}

 FE Special News

Living on the edge {Education}
Kashmir is sliding into disaster {Security}

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