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On this page, we have listed important articles from various newspapers including The Hindu, Indian Express, Financial Express, PIB for date 14 April 2017. The students are advised to go through these articles in details.

The Hindu

Front Page

U.S. hits Afghan IS base with ‘largest’ bomb {International Relations}


Right to access Internet cannot be curtailed, says SC {Rights Issues}
India plans to buy three more Scorpenes {Security}
NASA releases global maps of ‘night light’ on Earth {Science and Technology}


Trump flips on NATO, China {International Relations}


Courting faith and reason  {Constitutional issues}
Do we need a film censor?  {Art & Culture}
Raising the Syria stakes {International Relations}
Populist’s return {International Politics}
On a glide path?  {Public Policy}
Banking on Teesta {International Relations}
Like the LaGrand brothers {International Relations}


With Brexit, U.K.-India pact could boost trade {International Relations}

Indian Express

Front Page 

New Delhi responds to Jadhav death sentence: go slow on visas for Pakistan nationals A good, first step

Express Network

Women don’t need to change their names on passports: PM Modi {Public Policy}
Delhi confidential: Setting An Example {Indian Politics}
India to host SAARC seminar, Pak to get invite {International Relations}
Donald Trump ends years of declining aid to Pakistan {International Relations}


Developmental Hindutva {Indian Politics}
No smoke? Fired! {Public Policy}
Lessons From Ambedkar {Constitutional issues}
Forty Years Ago, April 14, 1977: JP’s broadcast {Constitutional issues}
A good, first step {Public Policy}
Aam Aadmi Reply {Indian Politics}

The Idea Page 

The hollowing of ideals {Indian Politics}
Crisis of Hinduism {Indian Politics}
Soft power, harder choices {International Relations}


RBI revises norms for action against weak banks {Banking Sector}

PIB (Press India Bureau)

Financial Express

Front Page

Bad loans crisis: RBI tweaks rules, makes veiled threat to banks in form of PCA to shape up

Economy News

Opportunity for India as Venezuela seeks UN help to buy pharmaceutical products

Edits & Columns News

Crafting a new farm policy: More incentives for farmers, stable policy critical
Why do judges’ leaves have to be collective effort that shuts courts down; let’s look at getting a 365-day court

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