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On this page, we have listed important articles from various newspapers including The Hindu, Indian Express, Financial Express, PIB for date {21 Feb 2017}. The students are advised to go through these articles in details.

The Hindu

Front Page

India to lose presence on U.N. scientific panel {International Relations}


SC cracks down on judicial delays {Judicial System}
MEA cuts funds to one more China think tank {International Relations}


A life of struggle for Zika-affected families {Health issue}


Modi’s U.P. wave and after  {Indian Politics}
Message in the verdict  {Indian Politics}
The Congress’s Punjab lifeline  {Indian Politics}
Futile polls, fruitful reportage  {Indian Politics}
First among unequals  {Indian Politics}
Allowing for a sibling {Public Policy}
The limits of identity politics  {Indian Politics}


Reforming trade in agri-products {Economic Development}
What is hyperloop? When can we see it? {Science and Technology}

Indian Express

Front Page 

Uttar Pradesh assembly election results 2017: BJP big win will help push key reforms, say officials  {Indian Politics}

Express Network

Fruits now on BJP tree, it’s our responsibility to bend, says PM Narendra Modi  {Indian Politics}


Forty Years Ago, March 13, 1977: The big fight  {Indian Politics}
Back to the state  {Indian Politics}
Victor and the vanquished  {Indian Politics}
EVM dunnit  {Indian Politics}
PM’s rule in UP  {Indian Politics}

The Idea Page 

Giving BJP a walkover  {Indian Politics}
The rise of the floating voter  {Indian Politics}
A tectonic shift  {Indian Politics}


Petrol, diesel prices: Despite high rates, govt has no plans to reduce taxes {Public Policy}

PIB (Press India Bureau)

Financial Express

Front Page

At least a third of mid-day meal rations siphoned off {Public Policy}

Economy News

Dedicated Freight Corridors: End is nigh for freight woes {Infrastructure}

Edits & Columns News

Government norms for wallets’ security welcome, but must not stifle innovation  {Security}
Theft in mid-day meals, use of Aadhaar critical {Public Policy}

FE Special News

PCs to drive the next industrial revolution {Development and Employment}
Protect data on the cloud {Security}
How secure is your mobile wallet? {Security}

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