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On this page, we have listed important articles from various newspapers including The Hindu, Indian Express, Financial Express, PIB for date 12 March 2017. The students are advised to go through these articles in details.

The Hindu

Front Page

BJP rides Modi wave to win big in U.P. {Indian Politics}


In an antique land {Art & Culture}
The lowdown on the Bill to regulate surrogacy {Public Policy}
BrahMos missile test successful {Science and Technology}


‘H-1B suspension will hit scientific research’ {International Relations}


Time for men to stand up and be counted {Public Policy}, {Health issue}
An equal and opposite reaction {Ethics}
Spare me the pseudo-patriotic surround sound {Sports}
IT’s new, improved skills problem {Public Policy}
On track, but more needed {Public Policy}
The ties that bind, those that unravel {Art & Culture}
Pressed into caregiving {Ethics}


‘Trajectory of India’s growth not visible’ {Indian Economy}

Sci-Tech & Agri

Indian researcher uses novel strategy to increase wheat yield {Science and Technology}
New clone of MRSA identified in Kerala aquatic environment {Science and Technology} 
Chennai team taps AI to read Indus Script {Art & Culture} 
Study on fish reveals key to cure blindness {Science and Technology}
Heart attack care trial reduces deaths {Science and Technology}

Indian Express

Front Page 

Ties get post-poll push: MP team on way to Pakistan  {International Relations}

Express Network

Ceasefire violations: India summons Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner {Security}
UID to be used to store health data {Public Policy}

The Idea Page 

Out of my mind: A new idea of India  {Indian Politics}
Inside track: Shahanshah  {Indian Politics}
Fifth column: Political pundits. Really? {Indian Politics}
Across the aisle: The people have voted; now, we hope  {Indian Politics}


Banks to make net interest income of Rs 4,500 crore from demonetisation {Banking Sector}

PIB (Press India Bureau)

Financial Express

Edits & Columns News

Assembly election results 2017: Narendra Modi win in Uttar Pradesh is a reversal of the Bihar experience, says P Chidambaram  {Indian Politics}

FE Special News

Countries worldwide aims to make commutes quicker but traffic congestion is a problem {Infrastructure}
Animal conservation: Wildlife heroes going about the job in a unique way {Ecology}

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