Destination IAS Academy
Destination IAS Academy

All the candidates are having books, all the candidates are dedicated to work and most of them attend coaching institutions, take guidance from seniors and friends but what makes one success and another failure. Students say they studied for 18 hours and still they couldn’t qualify the examination. Others say they studied only for 8-9 hours and qualify the examination. Why these differences? It is due to lack of proper strategy and guidance otherwise talent of all the students are more or less same.

One who is able to qualify the exam never counts the hours and how many books he/she has read. But they know what to read, what not to read, how much to read, how to use when required writing the answers. Civil Services exam never wants one to be ideal. It requires creativity, innovativeness and dynamism within the candidates, who lack to use his/her knowledge properly they feel tough to clear the exam. Before starting the preparation find out properly what to read, what not to read, what types of question are asked from particular topics. After taking guidance from others put own strategy, better strategy makes one success in exam. While preparing for the examination yours best guide is the previous years question paper and syllabus.

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